Why is everyone multiboxing so many accounts now

And this is proof that peoples don’t multibox how? When I was newbie and I had my second account I only used my main for corp fleets and kept mining ore in home system with my alt. I bet most players do it like that. Your statement about not multiboxing is nonsense. Either you do it or not. It doesn’t matter that you sometimes choose to run only 1 client of whatever you have. If you have multiple omega accounts you do multibox.

I thought that this might be something peoples talk about in corp chat. I know we discussed multiboxing back in 2017 in corp and gave each other advices. Maybe AO is different.

I never implied that. So that is a yes.

Nah…a person could have multiple Omegas and never log in two chars at the same time. You cannot simply make multiple Omegas be totally synonymous with multiboxing.

Not really. Corp chat is generally full of people giving and receiving advice, fittings, or just general banter. I seldom see anyone say how rich or poor they are, or that they ‘want’ to multibox…though I often see people say they’d like to fly XYZ ship.

I don’t know of anyone who does that, especially as our mining areas are prone to gankers and bumpers and so on. My attitude on that would be that anyone who was simultaneously mining and in a combat fleet should not receive SRP if they lose either ship as they can’t have been paying proper attention to either.

That’s overrating them a little …

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LP/isk prices have fallen off the cliff for a while, havent you noticed ?

Too much supply > falling prices.

Supply and demand 101.



nope it wouldn’t have …

Not to judge people for their legitimate play styles, but as someone who has been against “pay to win” models since their general adoption in online gaming, I’ve stubbornly been a single paid account player since I started playing eve in college and couldn’t justify funding multiple accounts. My reasoning was and is basically that if I as a single-boxing average player can’t make it in this game, then the game must be tipping too far toward the “pay to win” model that we can expect it to see similar effects as every other pay to win game that I prefer to avoid like the plague that they are.

My take: yes, multiboxing is obviously on the rise, and I think scarcity is obviously to blame for it. Is it problematic? Not directly. Not if it’s done legitimately without input broadcasting and not to the effect of ruining content. Does it ruin content? Can multiboxers constantly headshot incursions? They were able to until recently. Do multiboxers encourage content in corporations and social gameplay? Not if multiboxing corp members is the reason why more traditional single-box players aren’t fleeting up and having fun, which you have to admit, you have less of an incentive to do if you’re self-sufficiently funded with in-game isk by your fleet of accounts and you don’t have any reason to fleet up with your corp mates. That said, multiboxing, as long as it doesn’t directly ruin content, might be pushing the economy further toward “pay to win” than traditional single-box players can afford, but I hope it doesn’t.

CCP to their credit have still left the door to financial success in this game possible for single account players. It can be fixed. And people who don’t like multiboxing need to take some initiative to organize in a way that better suits their playstyle.


Because virtualization is too easy now days. You could disincentivize it but never make it impossible to do.

This is why we can’t have nice AIR rewards…


Some of the actions required to scale up EVE’s gaming are dependent of the mechanics’ conditions.
I see no issue with multiboxing and what I mean is, I’d do it if I could!

The main component regarding mechanics that mostly call for either multi-boxing or “teamplay” are stationary scouts. This is my personal observation.

For example, when you have mechanics dictated by geography, you definitely require eyes at all your perimeters’ gates and routes, for the case of EVE.

There is a myriad of instances that one can look at which present similar scenarios but I think this is one of the basic ones.

On some of them it represents an advantage, like the case of rewards. But until rewards are seeded differently and prizes are granted some other way, the gains will continue to ignore whatever effort one considers valuable over the multibox setup.

“You cannot have the cake and eat it…” so it’s a condition inherent to the specifics of EVE one has to live with.

On the other hand, it is ridiculous to ignore the kind of effort multiboxing requires in EVE, because that is also an accountable set of skills and invested time, not to mention possibly cash… dignifying enough to be awarded.


aka multiboxing is a controlled poison because if we lived in a utopia of an MMO we would have 1:1 accounts to players.

Right!? CCP wants to have it both ways! They want us to have multiple accounts but also be “closer” as a community thus spurring more engagement and that is what keeps people around.

Well yeah, but whether you like it or not, it seems to be working for last few years. So why would they change it?

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“Butterfly Effect” golden era of Eve is long gone and buried.

Let it go people.


The question is; “Why is everyone multiboxing so many accounts now?”

Simple answer; Everyone is not. Everyone would include me, and I don’t play that way. I have used the 3 characters on the one account to assist each other but not at the same time. For example; John is the miner, he pilots the venture, and collects the ore and gas. When rats show up, John warps back to dock or to a safe spots to log out. Then the defender character is logged in and she mops up the rats in the mining site. John can return to mining, then he drops his cargo off in the station or jet cans it at the safe point. The hauler character is logged in for pick up. Why on Earth would I need or desire to play multiple characters at one tine?

I have seen ( especially around the training centers ) names like A001, A002, A003, etc… No idea what the agenda is, I really don’t care either, and why would I. It isn’t like they are bothering me in the least bit. This is a company issue for CCP to deal with, if they say it is okay, who are we to argue?

I multibox so many accounts because carebears want me to have a challenge. Originally, I could solo exhumers with just one account, and that was fine, but to make it more of a challenge I play on difficult mode where sometimes you need 6 or 7 or even 8! Sometimes, a freighter may take more, so it’s best to have lots of accounts in order to fight the carebears.


Er…no…you can only extract what you have over 5m SP. In fact you need at least 5.5m SP to extract anything at all. If all you have is 5m SP, then you cannot extract those 5m SP.

You can’t beat having real time scouting or real time backup support. I don’t need to guess if there are gate camps, or use one char to undock a shuttle prior to lowsec and then peek through and then come back. I just use a multiboxed char to scout the lowsec system, all in real time.

How does your pc even cope once you get to 43 account’s to take out those freightors?

It usually locks up, which is why it’s nice to have antigankers, as they will shoot the empty pods and help me get docked back up and ready to go again.


We already have her frozen corpse and that is why she no longer protects her empty head… I mean pod!