Why is the Repair Systems skill a two-edged sword?

Bck in the day REP was pretty cool. But after changes etc less than 0.5% of players even bother with it.

HOWEVER: a lot of players will skill up if they mean to attend any mass event - as then they are valuable. But 9 out of 10 times they have skilled it up on another character - which they only use for huge events.

If you accidentlly skilled up to REP you migh as well take back the skill points and use them elsewhere. These days it isn’t worth it in small corps or missions.

Best of luck to you!


Definitely not the one where you have at a bare minimum a 3rd grade reading skill. Let’s look at some highlights.

I love when you self-own the most. :laughing:

Look at this gem:

All I do is win win win no matter what.

D’awwww ad-hominem because you’re losing an internet argument, so cute :slight_smile:

Its cute to watch you keep failing

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Like I said, I love it when you guys self-own. :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

Your use of the Pee-wee Herman I-know-you-are-but-what-am-I technique is what’s really cope… er, cute. D’awwwww!

Which would still require any of us did it, please do point it out :slight_smile:

Except i’m just pointing to what you actually did, i mean i admire your dedication to the cause but, literally nobody agrees with you, CCP included, that should be the hint :stuck_out_tongue:

The stupidity of some eve players never ceases to amaze me :rofl:

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lmfao good thread thanks for the laughs

“I don’t know why people say a double-edged sword is bad. It’s a sword. With two edges.”
—Kamahl, pit fighter

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You can just turn the repper off dude. Further, if played properly, you could get your cap to peak recharge more quickly, thereby increasing your total cap in a given period of time.

You’re just wrong

Haha i won’t lie thats pretty good.

And on that note, off to sleep

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And now, if you only had the reading comprehension of a 3rd grader, you’d understand why what I say in regard to your reading comprehension isn’t an ad-hominem, but merely an observation.

Oh, right! You admitted you were trolling awhile back, didn’t you?

I mean i’m not sure how you think that is a self own, its just a statement of facts, much like me stating the fact that your argument is infact flawed for the numerous reasons pointed out in this thread and the fact that only you, in 2 decades, have considered this a problem :slight_smile:

You know you quoted yourself after saying someone admitted to trolling right?

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please stop feeding the troll and let this abomination of a thread die the death it so desperately needs.

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The only time it is not preferable is when your piloting skill is so bad that you can’t click off a module, in a pve environment this is not hard. In a pvp environment that’s not always so easy, but you for damn sure need the added rep capability.

So yes, you are correct that in some very specific situation in which you are so unskilled at the game that your brain cannot possibly fathom clicking the module off, it may cause you a problem. This is probably a .1% or less likelihood of ever being a situation you’re actually in, or should be in.

The rest of the time it is preferable in every way.


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Don’t forget to mention that he in addtion to your statement, has to actively ignore any and all fitting progress that comes with addtional skills by unlocking more advanced modules or better fitting combinations. Because he could easily switch to a better fit by skilling Repair Systems higher, one that combines a better tank with an even better cap situation in which he also would never need to turn off the repper, would tank even more incoming DPS and would be a lot safer against enemy energy neutralizers. Which basically reduces any arguments in his favor to exactly zero.

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You are not addressing my point. There is no argument, per se, simply me pointing out that a skill causing a module to use more GJ/s is a drawback. You have only ever framed the conversation within the context of your own “fitting issue” strawman. This is what everyone does because they understand my point is correct, but their egos cannot let them admit it. Take a look below at your fellow compatriots.

See how he completely ignores the scenario given, in which you would be operating at a HP/s deficit?

Turning off the module would just lead to quick HP depletion as you would not be able to regain those extra lost HPs while the rep was off seeing as incoming DPS is slightly greater than reps. Phaade understands this, but has to be disingenuous and pretend he can’t read. Or he has no clue what’s even being discussed, yet still feels the need to add his two cents even though he’s completely ignorant in regard to the subject.

Here is another.

Note that he ignores the point that a module requiring more GJ/s is a drawback. No matter what fits I use, what ship I’m flying or what skills I train, the fact that a higher skill level in Repair System will lead to an increase in GJ/s (i.e. the drawback) will still exist. Just like the sig radius drawbacks of medium shield extenders still exist even if you fly armor or don’t use a shield extender at all. This has nothing to do with my fits, but the fact that the skill has a drawback and there being situations where a lower level of a skill works out better than a higher level. My point is that this should never even be possible, no matter what fit you have. Unless your counter point is that a lower skill level should be better in niche circumstances, you’re arguing against your own strawman. Let’s continue.

We’ve been over this enough that Syz knows better.

Do you see, Cypherous? The IGNORance? See how you guys ignore what I say and argue from some ridiculous position you yourselves concocted? See how he’s pretending as if I’ve been asking for fitting advice and rejecting said advice? I’m literally flying with a T2 repairer right now, which requires level 3 at the minimum.

What’s funny is, even in his strawman rebuttal, the acknowledgement that he’d need to change modules to counter the increase in GJ/s is proving my point. He would be countering the drawback of a higher skill level. Because at the time I completed the mission with level 1 repair systems. And was only able to last long enough to complete it because I was level 1. If higher level was always better then there would be no reason to change any modules. He should be saying that simply upping the skill level and changing nothing else should be better in the scenario given, but he doesn’t. Therefore he is acknowledging that given the original fit, level 5 would be a negative compared to level 1. And this goes completely over his head. r/whooooooooooooooooosh :person_gesturing_ok:

Except it actually doesn’t, per cycle it costs the exact same, so if i with rep systems level 5 run a repper for 1 cycle and you with RS1 run a repper for 1 cycle we use the same amount of cap

The issue is you incorrectly using the module and claiming its a negative because you’re not good at micromanaging or fitting around the increased needs, you seem to think there is a situation where CCP should go out of their way to code in a system for you to lower the effective level of a skill instead of levelling up your own skills

An issue literally nobody but you has worried about in 20 years, do explain how a problem to 0.00001016071920821986% of the playerbase is an actual issue :stuck_out_tongue:

In this scenario, you would not have enough repping power with Repair systems I, and Repair systems V would give you the OPTION of more reps. If Repair systems I had enough repping power, then your presumption of incoming DPS being slightly greater than reps is false.

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I just want to see the fit of the ship that goes cap unstable when someone goes from Repair 4 to Repair 5.

And if the ship was that close to cap-unstable, how did this person survive neuting rats?

:roll_eyes: Where did I say GJ/cycle? Just blatantly strawmanning right out the gate.

PER CYCLE only matters if you are taking less damage than HP/s recovered, and you can afford to turn the repper off periodically. I can imagine you giving commentary at the Alliance Tourney and recommending a primaried target taking more damage than they are able to repair to turn their reps off to conserve cap. Again, you completely ignore the scenario presented and the actual points being made, instead arguing against your own imagined strawman narrative.

You can’t make this stuff up. You’ve got to be trolling, right? The fact that you are intentionally not addressing the scenario, but instead making a generalized “easy mode” statement tells me you fully understand you’re full of it. Another L for you.

Thank you. Next.