Why is this game so bad?

This has got to be the WORST game I HAVE EVER PLAYED…I keep trying to figure out when it is supposed to get fun and when I am supposed to experience these “moments that make it all worth it” like the community keeps saying but… thats complete ■■■■■■■■… this is just a bunch of BORING ■■■■… and its not even a hard game… and it is not complex… it is just a ■■■■ TON of little systems all jumbled together… it is a place for complete losers to show their epeen…

like HOW THE ■■■■ do I leave a gaming session with LESS progress than I started…OFTEN… simply because I forgot to recall a ■■■■■■■… speck on my screen that costs 7 mill… WTF are you guys on that makes you so loyal to this garbage?

I really wish I didnt try Omega becaue this ■■■■ is just BORING…

Sorry to hear that friend, but I’m glad you’ve found out that EVE Online is not the game for you. I hope you manage to find something that you enjoy spending your time on more than EVE Online.

Don’t force yourself to participate in things you don’t enjoy, your time is too short to waste on something you don’t like.


This is one of those games where success is at least approximately performance based.


This is a game that you have to give a ■■■■ about learning dumb little information systems… which is most games… but the fact this game amplifies that and this makes the game “hard”? … puhlease…this game is for lonely as ■■■■ people

Have you considered playing with a corp or alliance?

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I was mining with a mining fleet and that was cool I guess… but then it became me looking for the fleet for 15 minutes BC they are all half AFK and never where the MOTD says… there is just NO fun in this game… Everyone says " you have to join a corp"…


While I agree Eve can indeed be boring and hard to find content, I find the rest of your post rather incoherent. You seem to claim Eve is “not hard” and “not complex” yet the primary complaint seems to be that you failed to make any progress over a game session. How can you lose at such an easy game?

I mean, you probably have some convoluted, scrubby, explanation in your head, but from out here is appears that you don’t understand the game nearly as well as you think you do.

In any case stop doing something you don’t enjoy. There are plenty of games out there where you are rewarded for pressing a button and you can’t ever lose progress. Maybe try one of them next?

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I did explain you are just too stupid to read

Have you considered doing something that isn’t mining? Plenty of other activities that pay more, have more risk, are more fun…

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Yep…folks getting bored and trollin…

Yeah I tried. The missions are boring AS ■■■■… you make NO money… and when I tried to PvP I lost like 40 mill worth of ship ■■■■ and the fight was over in 5 seconds…?? the ■■■■? Sooooo I get bored of Mining and I go look for something to do and I get blown up and lose a WEEKS of progress??

WTF are you guys ON?

no trolling… I just think you all need help.
Why are you convincing yourselves you are having fun?

Yep, went about as expected.

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