Why so dangerous?

so you cant say you did not have right - and it is so simple. No suprise there.
this game is ■■■■ because ccp listen to ■■■■.

You can do the math as CODE provides all the numbers…

But of course wont as you just want to cry…

Don’t like the game? Then go away, baby.

CCp should do one more experiment as blackout - turn off suicide in hisec - lets check what will happen CCP.

Or you could just learn to play…

3400+ kills yet so many tears…amazing really…

Learn to Pay you should say. No i dont pay i have too much isk to pay actualy.
and this is not about tears - it is anger that this game belong to ■■■■ players now

So now you are crying it’s P2W…lol…this is too funny…

Oh BTW, how about I sell you a permit and then this wont be a problem again.

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CCP Falcon is sure getting some hate, is that you LSG?


No need to get snippy, you say I’m wrong and I say you’re wrong. How about you stop implying I said stuff that I didn’t say.

In fact, your whole post is nothing but a bunch of drivel trying to make it seem like gankers take on all kinds of risk.

Chaos should be based on the players not CCP changing game mechanics. Some complain about how capital ships are too powerful, then give battleships a powerful weapon system, make it so a few battleships can kill a super quickly! Capital ships should be multi manned! You can still fly it and fight with it, but if you have a weapons officer onboard it does become more damgerous, and if you have a navigation officer it can jump twice as far.
Design a battlecruiser with an area fire weapon system that can take down a wing of bombs.
Teaming players in one ship, I can see giving the game a whole new perspective.
It is like throwing a bag of weapons into the center of rival gangs and then walking away, that is CHAOS. Limiting the mechanics of safety is not CHAOS, what CCP tried is not!

…and then you go on to list a bunch of mechanics that CCP would need to change for your “player run” chaos.

What gets me is that he’s bitching about 10 people ganking a barge, all while having taken part in frigate kills with 66 people on the killmail.

That’s hypocritical schadenfreude, or “pain looks good, but only on other people”


How do you know he’s a miner? Gawd, you people are seriously delusional, think everybody is a miner


Do you always need have to have punchlines explained to you?


Heh, do you always have to call everyone a miner, does that make you feel like you’re a special carebear?

Where did I imply you said stuff you didn’t say? Some things I said were in relation to things someone else said or implied and you were defending, not necessarily saying yourself, or maybe I was using a generic you, not you in particular. Why would it matter whether you did actually say them or not if you were defending them anyway?

Yeah, every time someone says there is nothing wrong with suicide ganking in a game like this or that the game is balanced there, you find that to be a “bunch of drivel”. We already knew that.

Your whining to try to nerf suicide ganking or anything else that might cause unwanted ship losses, for that matter, is the right thing to do, we know that too…

I bet the irony is wasted on you here…

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See, that last statement proves that you’re implying I said something that I didn’t say.

Just like you did in the last reply.

The only thing wasted here is my time replying to you.

I bet the irony is wasted on you here too…

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