Widespread 'socket disconnections'

Yeah I don’t dare undock anything bigger than a frigate as is. Let alone a rorqual or carrier. I do wonder however, does the game log such disconnects so that people can get refunded if they lose something shiny because of closed sockets? Because when I got socket closed on my omega account and attempted to log into an alpha account, it wouldn’t let me, because it said I was still logged on with an omega account. Which suggests that it doesn’t really log “socket closed” disconnects as “logged out”.

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impossibel to play now is 20 in 20 seconds desconnect

No response or action from CCP yet.

This has been occurring for at least 48 hours but is getting worse now due to weekend server load.

Any other game and the developer would have jumped on this to fix urgently, with launcher notifications - nothing from CCP.

Try to sell something on the market, i have loads of stuff.
4 times now in a row socket closed, I reconnect and have done the selling again anbd again.
Given up, waiting till CCP gets its S-word right.
Another F-word up by CCP Devs.?
It is happening to often and to much, when will CCP come forward with a plausable explanation and fire QA CCP staff!!!

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Hi everyone,
I am disconnected several times at random today says socket lost error. I live in Australia and my internet connection seems to be working for other things. I was very rarely disconnected before from Eve.

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Same here, at random intervals, i get socket closure, living in the Netherlands. Usually dont get any dcs and have excellent ping i think the server is round here somewhere :smiley:

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Several disconnects for me too. Aussie TZ. All day. Forced to go out and be social


Getting old already - the constant log outs - is a pain in the …!

2 toons on two machines. Done all the checks not my internet.


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yes it becoming a nuisance at least 20 times for me today. :frowning:

I’ve been sitting in a station (two accounts) for the past hour with no disconnect. But I’m sure I’ll have a socket closed / disconnect within the next hour. :smirk:

Reporting from the land of white bears and vodka.

I’ve tried to log on to eve but have been told that the launcher is an incompatible build. This would suggest that CCP are aware of the issue and are in the process of fixing it.

@Haulersss close and reopen the launcher -,-

same here (Croatia), constant socket dc’s, unplayable… switched 2 different ISP and 2 different towns. constant socket closed shi-Trz

started last ~30 hours… 2 days before and more - it was all fine…

Pretty regular - every 20 mins for me.

I can’t stay connected for more than 20 minutes at a time it seems. Alliance mates from EU and NA saying the same thing. I’ve reset my router multiple times to no avail.

Same here @ Germany

35 disconnets in 4 hour wtf ??

Dammit! Just as I thought, both my clients got closed sockets and disconnected right at 11:00 Eve-time. This socket disconnect problem needs to be fixed!

Note: Not actually mocking people having the problem, nor thinking it isn’t real, just unable to reproduce.

Any official word from CCP on why this issue is occurring?

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I have not yet the issue today … was 1h online before DT without problems - Germany 1&1 (Dt. Telekom land lines). But you clearly see the dips on EvE Offline page. The problem is real.

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