Will CCP/BA give good will package during C-19 outbreak?

As many have starting seeing lately many publishers and game houses are offering free subscriptions for short periods of time to encourage players to play and try their game during this time of heaps of free time.

I wonder is the sales/PR team has even thought of the possible benefits of offering even just one month of free Omega to all players and new players, and see what happens. This would be a counter to some of the negitive feedback from players about the last few updates.

Could also bring new players in that have thought EVE takes too long to learn, with this extra available free time it’s an ideal time to try and get new players to try EVE and get a good amount of game time to see if they’d enjoy it.

Just saying this is the idea time to offer some free stuff to encourage players to play EVE.

EVE is already free to play for as long as you want…

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Yes know that and its not what im getting at.

Other games have similar setups, but have given players full subscription for this period, i was told yesterday even some pron sites are offer free month subscriptions to their gold class offers.

Thus topic is asking will EVE have any offerings or will it be normal mentality of some heartless banker/accountant looking at the bottomline and not offer a good will to the community?

Ah, diddums wants a freebie, how cute…


Same subject same response:

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Love the positive feels of the eve community.

On a side note, i’m not asking for myself as am a paying subscriber and not a freeloading afk miner or ganker.

But i know there are players of eve that believe its their game and they have a say in how it should be run, sad idiots with life experience in the real world.

They did some promotion the other week where you paid for 3 months game time and got 3 months dual training at the same time. One of the best deals I have seen them offer in quite some time. They are doing regular login campaigns to give free skillpoints as well as in game events to give free skillpoints.

Not saying I wont take more freebies… but I hardly think the above quote is an accurate description of the situation. They do frequent offerings on top of their already free to play option. They have been handing out free SP left and right before the outbreak.

Handing out free omega to a metric ■■■■ ton of alpha accounts sounds like a bad idea honestly.

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Normal, no. They have gone into some next level 200IQ evil genius kind of mentality lately. You should be grateful they didn’t find a way to increase costs during this kind of a crisis… wait a minute… :open_mouth:

It was literally just 50% off one MCT for $10 (regular $19.95) that you could only use on that same account and req the regular 3 months Omega rate of $38.85 for a total of $48.85 together as a package.

I have seen much better deals than giving a $10 discount for spending $50. Some people are still confused thinking it was %50 off 3 months of Omega and an MCT that lasts 3 months.

Don’t worry you didn’t miss anything.

Sad to admit after ridiculing you that it probably actually was the best deal they offered in “quite” some time.

1 month omega 15$ x3 = 45
1 month MCT 20$ x3 = 60

Total 105$

Their deal was 50$ I think. You use the base rates when calculating the limited time offer. So yes. It was 50% off, actually slightly more and indeed the best offer I have seen in quite some time.

I agree the new starter packs suck compared the old ones. The only promotion deal that looked good to me recently was the 3 month x 3 month deal. They are still giving out free Skillpoints reguraly.

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Don’t let it get to you. You need a thik skin here, just as much as you need it anywhere on the internet.

Also, the community can be great sometimes. I mean, when newbros ask questions, we’ll trip over each other to answer them.

Of course, state an opinion or make a suggestion, and you’ll get at least a half dozen people calling you an idiot in various creative ways.

I agree with handing out multiple free omegas, but one per email address could limit that, or IP address on logon.

But CCP/BA have the ability to sort that issue out if they wanted to.

When you look at the Epic and Steam specials the EVE ones are crap.

Up to 75% off brand new AAA games.
and DLC’s with similar discounts.

You’d have to agree this is an ideal time to encourage new blood to try out EVE, a captured market with all the lockdowns all around the world. Most aren’t allowed to leave their home, unless for food, etc…

Personally I’d be pushing every possible promotion to get players to try EVE or to revisit it.

they from Iceland. they cold. you can get a free velator

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