Will prices go up or down as more casual players leave?

So, I’m going to ignore you cute attempt to take a quote out of context (you’re literally missing the opening " btw) and move the conversation back to the original point.

How many bots have you personally reported?


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Give me 5 names out of these “hundreds”.

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LOL !!

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And the pissing contest begins.

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That’s BS and you know it…cpp only bans a few and make a great propaganda effort out of it to show “look! we do something!!!”.

In fact they ban not even 1% of them…all you see is just a show put up for all…

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And @OP

So you are saying CASUALS are leaving the game?

Well that’s in total opposite to what the bittervets claim…for them only PVP leaves because the game has too less pvp…and is too easy…

Well in my eyes this game has way too much pvp and the players that leave are just people that are annoyed by this approach and the favor ccp is giving to this playstyle…

But according to the bittervets i’m just a troll that does not know how this game is to be played right…so who knows… :slight_smile:


In theory, a true player-driven market would drive costs of EVERYTHING down. Too much of anything means you have to lower the price to get rid of it… but this is Eve and we all know the ‘player-driven’ idea is a total lie. Welcome to Eve. Where modules cost less than the minerals/items to build them.


I don’t think you’re a troll, nor do I believe anyone should criticize your playstyle. You on the other hand seem to claim the former and offer the latter on a regular basis.

A hypocrite maybe, but not a troll.

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We are gonna need you to study economics before posting about economics. I guess this must be one of the ‘bitter’ industrialists I’ve heard so much about. Weird. I’ve never had trouble making a profit with neutron blasters and retrievers…


Seriously, what would be the point of logging in without PvP? How many times can you do a PvE mission before you realize you are just grinding for isk… and what is the point of the isk if you can’t use it for anything other than more grinding??


They don’t realize that, even if you tell them. They don’t have the mental capacity to reason like that. Even if PvP was completely banned they would not “get” it, but just lose interest and abandon the game because it has become pointless and they don’t know why.

And then they are off to the next game they don’t like but seems still interesting to demand the same shite and repeat the cycle. I have seen this multiple times now, it’s like a ■■■■■■■ plague and game developers have not developed an imunity or even awareness of it.

EVE has resisted a long time, but not so any longer.


Digital locusts.


Only idiots sell below buildcost+taxes,
and there’s always players who are idiots.

The reason why you’re not seeing this in a tradehub is because most traders aren’t idiots and anything below build price would get sucked up from others, but usually that stuff is thrown at buyorders originating from jita, but reaching way outside of it.

Either you’re just trying to be funny, or you don’t really understand the matter. Reality is that there’s a limit to how low prices go, with only new players and “minerals i mine are free”-morons not knowing better.

So… no. That’s not how it works, Mister.


Brother, you speak my thoughts.

EVE is literally the last bastion.
Never stop fighting!


right we don’t get why someone should be able to FORCE his gamestyle onto others…a gamestyle we not like or have paid for…give us a pvp free high and everything is ok…but having NO safe haven as non pvp player is simply wrong…

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You can play on test server, there are practically no players so you can literally just move to some nice highsec area and mine and rat or whatever you’re doing for fun. No pesky player interaction.


So stop paying. Move onto a game that provides safety. Safety has never been assured in EVE, so why continue to flog a dead horse?

I understand what you want, but it’s the same as buying a dog in the full knowledge that it’s a dog, then complaining that it doesn’t lay eggs.

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Wow, this thread is literally a list of grief. Thanks for posting it.

As for the OP question, if log in numbers decline, then demand for items will also decline. Sellers will then end up sitting on large stockpiles and in order to move those items their prices will also have to decline.


I’m not saying that the game has too much pvp. But I think eve could be compared to other video games. It is, after all, just a video game. I can think of many games, including mmo’s, that people play for pve content. Some people don’t like pvp. I can think of plenty of reasons to play a game without pvp.

Eve is a different animal, but it’s still a game. People always have, and always will, play eve and avoid pvp. They simply like to do other stuff. Sometimes it’s just the company that you keep that makes you log in every day.

And of course, eve is eve. There is no other game that blends relative safety and extreme danger in an open environment the way it does. Other games have tried, and failed miserably. Darkfall online comes to mind. And Archeage was suppose to be the biggest mmo on the market when it came to the west, but both of these games were unsuccessful. You can still play Archeage, though it feels empty.

I think eve has… a somewhat balanced amount of pvp and pve. But it could improve, and I hope it does. The last few years ccp has been focusing on pve content because, like you said, you can only grind a mission so many times. As for pvp, I think ccp is struggling with that. I hope we see some good updates in the near future that focus on pvp. I don’t live in null, and never have, but people point out it’s problems on these forums very regularly. As for high sec pvp… we’ll see how this turns out.

I believe the intention behind the war dec changes was to retain more players. Having more players should intrinsically create more pvp. At least, that’s my theory.