[Winter] Fleet Abyssal Deadspace Feedback thread - feature now available on Singularity Test Server


(Jeremiah Saken) #52

depend what means: “3 times the amount loot available”. 1/3 for every player participated or 3xsingle loot drop salvaged by one person.

(Mingja) #53

Battleship Abyssals, when? :smiley:

(Fonsui) #54

This does not appear to include the Damavik - confirm/deny?

Additionally, after being able to log in to Duality one time briefly, I have been unable to as it has been reporting that it is not taking connections. You mentioned that we can expect the market seeding to be good by Monday, which would imply that you intended the server to be available at that time - can you give any word as to when the test will be available again?

(Aaron) #55

Well done CCP, I like where this is going. The Abyss genre of gameplay is a great concept. I’m Excited for Eve.

(Solecist Project) #56

I’m going to translate this to real-speek.

“more accessible” … “new players” = bring in more farmers with rather low intellect but loose wallets, who don’t care about playing for playing’s sake, but play because they’re addicted.

“trying out a triple multi box” … I am a farmer. I have no friends.

(CCP Paradox) #57

The Damavik is included in ‘Frigates’. This is the type group, not the market group (like overview).

Sorting out seeding right now on Duality, and should have a more updated mirror too. I will reply here when it is done.

(Salt Foambreaker) #58

deleted because the feature is too lacking to matter

Simple Fix for Abyss Risk
Warp Deceleration Rigs
(Nicolai Serkanner) #59

The suspect flag is removed.

(FearlessLittleToaster) #60

Just a note for all those who are saying that this is the start of “instanced space” somehow. I ran nullsec escalation sites as my sole form of PvE for eight years. Between local and acceleration gate mechanics I think I got caught in a site and blown up once? Maybe twice. I was really absurdly drunk both times too.

On the other hand, outside my blue doughnut space, the thought of jumping from abyssal space back into J-Space completely blind, flying something spendy, and specialty fit for PvE has a huge pucker factor attached to it.

Instanced PvP functionally exists already for players who know how to set it up. So long as CCP doesn’t go full Disneyland and make it possible to run high end abyssal sites in highsec without some kind of suspect flag this won’t do jack squat to the sandbox. In fact I might move in to hunt these folks…

(zluq zabaa) #61

This sounds super cool tbh!

(Ildrara) #62

Oh no. A 2016 is quitting and a 2013 character says this is the end of EVE.
It isn’t like Abyssal space is a monocle or something.

People have been ganking Abyss runners since this was released. How many station traders that never leave the station have been ganked? How many spamming scammers have been ganked?

Until they spit out market pvpers 1000k away from a structure after 30 minutes or less to be ganked in a place that is marked by a scannable beacon I say there is nothing wrong with Abyss space.

This is coming whether you like it or not. Bye :slight_smile:

Smart bomb them.

(Luigi mon-de-sound) #63

Can i have your stuff???

(Salt Foambreaker) #64

Forum alt? Are you that naïve? I’ve been in EVE since the opening and before that I helped cause Trammel, probably before you were born.

(CCP Paradox) #65

This took longer than we would have liked, but Duality now has an up to date TQ mirror applied, and the market is seeded just like Singularity.

Abyssal filaments can also be found on the market.

(zluq zabaa) #66

You mean Abyssal deadspace or specifically the team sites?

(Solecist Project) #67


Don’t leave. That’s like admitting defeat and running away. Your voices are both needed and important, and every time someone like us leaves the situation is getting worse. You will not get rid of that foul smell in your mouth once you leave. It will haunt you, and nag you every single day.

When you leave you’re doing it wrong. Voting with the wallet is meaningless and achieves nothing, and when you care - which you do - you know that the LAST thing you want to achieve is NOTHING.

(Nicolai Serkanner) #69

I am not leaving (yet). And will continue to fight this insanity which is called instanced space/arena as hard as I can.

(Nicolai Serkanner) #70

It is not the same.

(Ildrara) #71

Been here since the early days too. We are not allowed to talk about forum bans.
Turns out posting real life identities of botters is against the rules.

Anyway. Why are you posting? Fleet abyss is coming. Shouldn’t you be busy deleting characters instead of doing whatever you think you’re doing now?

Whatever you say nooblet.

(Revolving September) #72

Im sorry, but why is the EVE forums alone breaking it’s own code of conduct? I mean you have people ■■■■ talking and that is ok, but it is just going back and forth and it has become about each other than the content that we are supposed to be feedbacking on? No? Grow up people, makes me feel as if this world of video games has won us over with everyone being “toxic”. Anyway, can we not just ramble on about how we hate each other?

Personally, I think the Abyssal deadpsace was kind of boring and meh.