Wormhole Police MOST WANTED Criminals

So did I knock :thinking:
Ashley_Traynor - Thinks Community Service is for Teh Poors. Too Good for that

:thinking: off the #10 spot? Or did they happen to complete the Head Fedo’s community service duty?
Cause I really need to not draw anymore unwanted attention to myself, my pilot nor to Fostpacker & friends than necessary and really want off that list asap please.

Just join us for Community Service this Sunday, 17:00 New Eden time. Or… Don’t piss off the Karens.

@Ashley_Traynor failed to complete Community Service. Somehow… against all odds… The Karens forgot about that incident with the 6 month idle hauler and She didn’t get any new complaints this week.

Wait a sec, you’re not insinuating that [name redacted] is a karren the one who evemailed me (The one I would never ever would I release such contact)?

Hmm who is the karren? :thinking: as noway it could be that pilot. Too high of a Community profile to be a karren. This came from below didn’t it? Perhaps the karren whom I need to start this hunter Community Service thing this;

this Sunday, 17:00 New Eden time.

I’m pretty sure it was @Aiko_Danuja who dropped a dime on you sir. She was going on and on and on and on about the size of your big toe. It was pathetic. I’m pretty sure she’s got a seriously dangerous crush on you.

I would totally hide out in wormhole space until you feel safer.


Nope Aiko wouldn’t be a karren that is not her style. I wouldn’t believe it in a nano-second.

It’s on VOD - The Wormhole Police operate in the LIGHT - All Karen Complaints are fully documented via Twitch VOD.

Must of been some imposter then as many pilots try and want to be simular to Aiko. It was not the Aiko who took over from Highsec from Code. The Aiko who was on coms that day who had once called in a top Nulsec scout/scanner pilot who had given me a lesson on scanning down a target. Oh yes I know the real Aiko and Frostpacker won’t accept any alternative substitute pilots claiming to be the real Aiko.

Just do a search on the name Aiko and see the high number of pilots all claiming to be her.

Even the picture of #9 is not the real in game picture profile of Aiko.
That picture on Number 9 on Head Fedo’s list of wanted criminals. Just look at that nose!
See the pointy nose tip? Aiko’s nose is not pointy, it has softer curve and less pointy.


It’s not too uncommon for washed up, past their prime, former celebrities to turn to a life of crime. In my job as Chief of The Wormhole Police I encounter the best people on their worst days, and the worst people on their best days.

I can assure you, with 100% confidence that… @Aiko_Danuja has a major crush on you and it’s manifesting as a Karen Complaint.

Don’t be sad. My grandmother told me once… Never Meet Your Heros. Granny was right about a lot of stuff. The day I met @Aiko_Danuja I was so excited to finally hold her shake-weight in my own two hands… CAN YOU IMAGINE MY SHOCK AND HORROR when I found out she could no longer lift the shake-weight on her own and instead had to call for an assistant to hand it to me? And then… AND THEN - It only weighed 2 ounces.

SMH… I hope she names a successor soon.

Real Aiko looks like this
Not some Aiko on the list Number 9 on Head Fedo’s list of wanted criminals.

Just look at that nose! and see the difference

Since when are MUGSHOTS (Taken from ZKILL) ever flattering?

Also… Your hero has a terrible standing with you?

Dude… Not gonna kink shame you or anything but… You really shouldn’t SIMP and FEAR in the same post. It’s a crime that few will forgive.

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It was Stockholm Syndrome Roleplay

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Everyone has a role to play otherwise the plot becomes rather boring if everyone plays the Hero or the Villain in New Eden.

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Have you made it through the bonus room? :thinking: :no_mouth: :snowflake:

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It is rather unpleasant being stepped on like that, most hurtful thing Aiko could had ever done. Then to top it all off they made fun of my sunglasses. Like as if there was a very wide selection on the ingame store? The shades I use are a standard option so think when you make fun of the pilot wearing them you are also making fun at the artist who created that design. Happy?

Are you also now going to go running off to speak to the manager like how Aiko did? What other disapprovals about Miners do you have?

Also that permit is coming off my bio after restart… Aiko I feel rather regretful for even placing it there in the first place. I am sure that I can find another replacement.


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Wait you actually have a mining permit… let alone in your bio?!

:face_with_hand_over_mouth: :face_with_hand_over_mouth: :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

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Yes it cost me 1 billion isk and it gave me free mining access in Uedama.

ISK well spent.


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Yes as it helped progress my pilot’s reason for roleplaying.

@Vinnegar_Douche that name better be off that list of yours before the end of your Monday Twitch show or there is going to be trouble.

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