Wormhole Police MOST WANTED Criminals

It was great to see you during last night’s stream. You tried hard to conceal your identity but the CRACK DETECTIVE KARENS sussed it out in an instant!

I have no memory of any Community Service from you during our Sunday MEME FLEET.

I’ll have you know that all wormhole police officers and deputies enjoy QUALIFIED IMMUNITY - There will be no trouble.


Even without finding the immunity idol first?

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I regret nothing!


Yet. :psyccp:

:smirk: :smiling_imp: :dealwithitparrot:


See you at community service on Sunday. Be there or be a dirtbag!

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Times ticking name in question still on there and so when will the new list be out?

About midnight new eden time. But… You haven’t done community service sir.
You’re still a dirtbag in the eyes of THE LAW!


It is starting to become super sweaty inside this pod and Frostpacker had advised that “it goes against the whole point in being in New Eden!” But if someone is going to literary to do anything they can to harass or mess about and when it is known that they are going to use anything you do or say agaisnt you then Frostpacker had instructed this Pilot not to respond as now being a Criminal of the LAW of New Eden’s Community then this Pilot has the right to also remain silient.

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Citation needed because am not convinced the Yulai Accords contain any such right. :stuck_out_tongue: :wink: :smirk: :smiling_imp:

Classification: Unclassified

Yes Sir, You do.


The NonAnonymous Karen Complain Desk is a HUGE SUCCESS!

  • There were a total of 116 Karen Complaints lodged against New Eden Pilots this week!

Visit the WHPD Twitch Stream WEEKDAYS To earn Justice Points, interact with WHPD or DROP A DIME on some Dirtbag! Our 100% non-anonymous Drop-A-Dime program allows Ordinary Citizens to take their Karen Complaints RIGHT TO THE TOP!

If you are interested in Performing Community Service alongside The Wormhole Police, Please visit our Discord to sign up. The Meme Fleet departs on Sunday at 17:00 New Eden time from Caldari space. Reserve your spot in advance and get right with THE LAW!

Dirtbags from the week ending 2022-07-29 - See top post for current wanted list.

  1. @CCP_Convict - FAILED To perform Community Service - No Social SHAME
  2. @Uhtreddd AKA “RushLock” - Performed Commuinity Service but… The Karens won’t forgive!
  3. Spaceship Paul - FAILED to perform Community Service
  4. @Perceus_Finch -FAILED to perform Community Service
  5. danthebartender - FAILED to perform Community Service
  6. @Jumble_Aya - FAILED to perform Community Service
  7. Ingrid Driskel - FAILED to perform Community Service
  8. docgotgame -FAILED to perform Community Service
  9. @Aiko_Danuja - EXCUSED from Community Service due to SPACE COOTIES
  10. @Iceacid_Frostpacker - Caught SPACE COOTIES from @Aiko_Danuja and didn’t show up.
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Be afraid, be very afraid. Space Cooties are contagious!

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That’s really something, considering the pod is goo filled.

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Miners aren’t real capsuleers.

That’s canon.

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My pod the seal contracted a leak, how else could we explain how the Space Cooties got inside?

You shouldn’t be kissing miners. They have all sorts of diseases, and rarely vaccinate.

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I still owe you a community service day - but I was out of town last Sunday. Ingrid doesn’t have many pvp skills (unless you count bombers), but Ashling has plenty.

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So to get off the “Wanted list of dirtbag criminals list” I need to do the sort of things that would place my pilot onto the list?

Hello J103408

No one ever got on the wanted list by participating in Community Service sir.

Also, YOU TALKED IN LOCAL in Wormhole Space? - This is going to get you on the wanted list for sure!