Worse Halloween event in a game - thank you EVE business dep


Why?! The event is over?! :joy:

Gosh darn it. :sob:

The reasoning is bad but the thread did derail quite a lot. I had plenty of decent arguments, you’re just too lazy or unwilling to point those out.

I have seen more constructive threads get closed and delisted than this one

You’re starting to understand how to play EVE Online. You should be proud of this milestone revelation you’ve had.

Why is no one complaining about how horrible is this winter event?

Let me try:

Why CCP why my drones are being destroyed when using my venture during this event?

I just want to kill that big rat but there is someone faster than me! You want to kill us!

Why are gankers making hoards of isk again!

Why are so few combat sites! I have to travel 3j to find the next!

Oh God i am suffering so much.

I am sending a tickit.

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It’s even worse! Suspect-Baiting Nergals and Proteus’ stealin’ loot everywhere and Polarized-Marauders blitzing the Bosses from Newbs after grinding 30 minutes in a Gnosis! CCP do something! :rofl:


oh here we go https://forums.eveonline.com/t/winter-nexus-sucks/ :partying_face:

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