Would like to find out more about Michael

Michael as far as we know is an Archangel, though what about the Michael we know here on the forum?

Let’s find out more about who what Michael means to us here in New Eden .

For starters what makes a Capsuleer name their pilot starting with the name Michael?

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Nobody cares about him.

Well Michael an unknown too so that is why I feel the need to know more as I had seen Michael on the forums being rather helpful which intrigued me to find out some more about this Michael!

like we all know the name Aiko yet we don’t or at least I don’t know much the name Michael here!

//just noticed that Michael is also an Artist!

He just spinning ships in Jita.

Maybe link the guy’s forum or EVE Who profile so people know who you are talking about. :stuck_out_tongue:

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Idk about “Michael”, but “Mike” is one of the brst overall people for all hes tried to do with CSM and driving the Bus



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@Felix_Frostpacker the current in game search results in 499 Michael named characters. Assuming this is not goading people into a religious discussion, Mike Azariah is the CSM who runs the Magic School Bus program. I never heard or known him to call himself an “archangel” which is why I assumed at first this discussion is either based on Eve lore content or a very lame attempt to get your toxic thread blocked very fast.

In short, you have given us less than nothing to discuss the topic.

Fly safe o7

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At first I thought he might be talking about DeMichael Crimson but dunno. It just makes things worse that this is a Frostpacker thread so enigmatic and cryptic style is expected (not to mention the trademark wordsalads), further confusing the meaning of OP.

:thinking: :smirk: :innocent:


For some reason this thread gives me a tingle in my loins. I think I’ll be following it with much interest.

Mr Epeen :sunglasses:


Maybe because this is the great mystery of the universe, an unsolvable puzzle that your brain tries to process and solve, but in vain as it is an OP by Frostpacker, so probably not even he himself knows the answer.


What about Solonius. Is it the same Solonius from Spartacus? Or is it a different guy, as he is using the name Solonius as a first name and not a last one? Is he even Greek? Where was his nude scene? And why does Lucretia look exactly like Xena Warrior Princess?

For starters, why do i feel something funny in my pants? Is it aliens?

This is how I feel about this thread.

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Is that the same Michael that knows Steve and Kevin??


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I’m in the Michael discord.


If anyone has any questions, my fee is 1 billion isk.

All I know is they are on first.

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i don’t know

I do not who this Michael is, but at least he is not Will… Every time someone says fire at will. Poor Will’s entire corp shoots at him…

Tish Bang… I’ll be here all week… Try the liver.


No, he’s not talking about me…

Most of the community here refer to me as DMC…

And Frostpacker has been here long enough to know that…