WoW vs. EvE

the wow classic stress test was/is running!

the stress test servers got already way more players than all the retail Servers lol!

we had alot of fun playing today, and even alot of hardcore retail fans and turning their back to retail and now seem to love classic lmao!

now im 100% sure that classic will change the mmorpg market for good! millions of people will come back to it and this will be a big sign!!

the retailers are already mad and crying on the blizz forum… which is pure comedy :DD in 19days retail wow will die, long life wow (classic) :smiley: whole guilds already deleting their retail chars and be ready to restart in classic <3 after 15years of waiting and reading so much ■■■■■■■■ of the retail crybabies and carebears,… this day is one of the best days in mmo history!!!

the only thing now i just want to see in classic is:

  • remove sharding/layering system which was never part of world of warcraft

  • and ban all those retail fans that said classic will never happpen or classic willl be a fail!

then the game will be perfect. well time to go back to the wow forum and read more comedy threads…. all these carebear tears LMAO

pls ccp, learn from this!!

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Hey, if Blizzard is doing a WoW classic, maybe CCP needs to release an EVE Classic with full local, but minus the rorqs and such