"Wreck Their Dream" Makes New Players Leave

This is not a rant ( sorry to disappoint you )
There is no salt in this OP ( sorry to disappoint you )
Your snide poisonous remarks do not phase me ( sorry to disappoint you )

As a new player, when I read CCP’s official line about “wrecking” players’ dreams, it doesn’t make me want to play, It makes me feel like I will waste my time playing EVE. I think, and that’s only my opinion, that the phrase “Wreck their dream” is counter productive to keeping new players and insensitive, especially to new players who have just started to get a fruitful operation going, after, say, a month or two.
I play EVE to be able to mine and manufacture my own ships and ammo to eventually join a corporation and participate in PvP’s space battles, that’s my dream, and then I read “Wreck their dream” so to me it means that some players will do everything in their power to prevent me from doing just that, to in essence, prevent me to play and prevent me to attain the goal of joining space battles being supported by my PvEing of manufacturing my ships and ammo.
Space battles and open-world is what attracts me to EVE but if I’m prevented to do that then what’s the point of playing?
That doesn’t make me want to play EVE and while some illusioned forum member may think I’m the only one who sees it that way, I know several players who have gone from the game for those exact reasons so how many more are there that I don’t know? We’ll never know.
Now, if someone tells me that EVE has enough players and doesn’t need players like me, I’m willing to accept that. There’re plenty of other games I can play and I do play a few others that are right up my alley.

Just wanted to voice that. I’m happy now.
Have a good rest of your week and take care.


First off, if you could link an official post or blog or video that makes that an “official line”, that would be helpful in trying to understand the context.

Second, assuming it was an “official line” in a blog, post, or promotional video, chances are heavily in favor of it not referring to individual dreams. It would rather refer to group dreams (“their”) and even some delusions of grandeur, mostly outside of hisec.

Third, new players leaving on the grounds that the game can and will at times be vicious didn’t read other “official lines” attentively or at all. The game is a full on pvp open world in all aspects, coupled with some heavy duty meta gaming. One either likes that or one doesn’t and leaves.

You can do all of the things you like doing, even during this scarcity thing. A few ships ganked doesn’t equate to “a wrecked dream”, those are completely unimportant if one understands how the game is played and takes calculated risks accordingly. It may take a while to learn that. Neither does a redistribution of resources or, for that matter, new taxes, if you adjust a few things here and there.

Finally, no one is out to get you personally. Shooting and building stuff are both parts of the game and overlap each other. The dream is what you make of it. However, New Eden will always make a reality check on that dream, and will either make you adjust your methods or leave you disillusioned.

Funnily enough, in another thread (the one from Mike Azariah about players leaving), it was suggested that the current message to new players is even too soft.

Hope this helps. EvE is the best game for EvE players. Not everyone is an EvE player.


Those who do not share the premise of EVE were never fit for playing it in the first place so the sooner they realize or even deterred even before starting playing it the better for them and the game itself as well. This is a niche game with a cutthroat environment, for fun, those who share this and can handle their space pixel dreams being shattered and carry on will thrive here and enjoy the experience and this game is made for them, the rest should find a game suitable for their taste or face having a bad experience. EVE is what it is no matter if one likes it or not.

Btw the wreck their dreams is not about toxicity nor ruining someones gameplay, it is about building sand castles, pixel empires, flying virtual space ships being the dream and wrecking those in a fierce but fun competition and seeing who comes out as victor while enjoying the journey no matter the end result. As long as everyone involved understands and shares the premise this is just a game for fun it will be a good experience regardless of the details how much one succeeds in accomplishing their in-game dream.

The people who can throw out a gf and congratulate their opponents when they defeat them or at the least not getting triggered by PvP in a space pixels PvP game are the ones mature enough to appreciate EVE for what it is and their opponents will respect them for that. EVE is for these people and anyone who is deterred by a distopian space MMO are best being put off early on for their own and the game’s sake.

Have fun! (either in EVE or in a suitable game instead) :wink:


I gave you a like because it is good for players to detail this type of sentiment and I understand where you are coming from. It is a difficult one to get right, personally I think the game is now a masochistic survival game. To be blunt to do what you want to do as in the indy side requires such significant effort and dedication that hardly anyone is up to it. What you want to do can be done, and I know people who do it, but they have developed it over a long time of being beaten down and restarting, and it is not in hisec…


Long time PVP ghouls have a saying “I’m not here to ruin the game, just ruin your game.”

That aside, if you’re not losing ships occasionally you’re not playing the game to it’s fullest. NOBODY never looses ships! Just as long as you don’t lose ships every time you undock you’re doing OK. Each loss should be a learning experience. I well know that isn’t easy to keep in mind when you’re 100mil prize ship is destroyed (especially by something much cheaper) but once you calm down you do realize you learned something from it.


…unless you’re a suicide ganker :wink:


Now I get it ! OP’s dream is wrecked because the trailer doesn’t show the bloody TiDi that comes with attacking one of those :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

That’s pretty bad for player retention.

So my game will be ruined… Why should I play? I don’t see the point.


See the quote in the context of tears and salt in Local, by the person who lost his/her ship and doing some genuine ■■■■ talking. Just a needling response when someone takes a loss too personal.

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So it’s a losing game. Ok, thanks for clarifying that.

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You WILL lose ships!

No matter where you go, what activity you do losing ships is going to happen. That’s the nature of the game. Whether to other players, NPCs or environment it’s going to happen.

How you deal with shows your character. It’s perfectly OK to be royally PO’d. Even go offline for a few days to cool off. EVERYONE has been there at least once (anyone who says they never felt that way is lying).

What you do after you calm down shows your character and maturity (or lack thereof).

It is possible this game isn’ tfor you. That’s OK too.

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Not for EvE players. They understand there is “net profit”, the difference between the debit and credit side of the equation. EvE cannot be about “only profit and no loss”. You will suffer some losses occasionally, but overall if you do things right (over time) you should come out on top.


And with that the question arises:

Why should I pay for a game that guarantees I’ll lose and not be able to accomplish what I set out to accomplish? Something as simple as being able to manufacture the stuff needed to PvP and participate in space battles, something that attracted me to EVE in the first place…

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Okay, I have to ask this. What exactly prevents you from doing what you like doing ? It’s still not clear.
Because when you couple industry with large scale pvp, go join one of the bigger player groups in null or lowsec.

Seems to me you are the one who needs the help. There’s no reason you wouldn’t be able to mine, manufacture, and trade ships and ammo, and there’s nothing preventing you from joining big fights. If you have questions about joining groups, then say so, and you can get a few pointers from the people in this thread.

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I’m not talking about ships, it’s way beyond ships, it’s about being able to accomplish what I want to accomplish. It’s in my OP.

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Let’s turn that around:

Why should one play a game that guarantees a win and a guarantee of being able to accomplish what a player sets out to accomplish? What would be the fun or challenge in that?

Besides, nothing in EVE guarantees a loss. The only guarantee is that there is a chance you might not succeed.

Which is a good thing in my opinion, as that makes EVE worth playing.


Have a realistic timeframe too. Rome wasn’t built in a day.

This game is very analogous to real life (which is one of the factors that attracted me here). Look at the successful people in the real world - you think that achieved all that in a few days?Or weeks? Or even months? Heck no! Took years! And you have no idea how many times they failed and had to start over (people never talk about their failures, it’s human nature).

Plus, as in real life, there’s no guarantee or promise your goals will happen as you want. No one, game or real life, can promise you that (doesn’t sound like much fun if it did!)

It’s called ‘fun’

It’s fun to play a game and see progress.


I agree with that.