Writing and publishing books in the game

I have a simple but fun idea. Make an item that you could buy from market that allows you to write a small story, complete with links to characters, and bookmarks. Once the book is completed, it can’t be edited, and it becomes an item you can sell in a contact or store in your cargo. The idea of this is to create roleplaying content. Dairies, journals and short stories. Of course, you would have to make the books expensive to buy on the market to stop people from spamming them.

Spamming them wouldn’t really be an issue. Just give them the same word limit that notes have.

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Every single one of these ‘books’ would be a unique item due to its content. I can see the item database having a meltdown about this idea.

This idea of in-game books written by players reminds me of the removed bookmark inventory items that displayed the bookmark title under them in the inventory. Naming them “PLEX” or “Large Skill Injector” or such and jettisoning them in front of Jita was a hilarious way to get people to become blinking yellow and even if they successfully escaped all they’ve got is the realization they took the risk for absolutely nothing of value. :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

Sounds like a fun away to bait out highsec gankers too.

Not sure how that would work and anyway there is a much better method for that I’ve used myself…

Expiring suspect bait undock

A fun use of the suspect timer is to undock at the last 20 or so seconds of it, wait until it is the last second or so then issue a double click move order or something else that breaks the undock invulnerability. People will lock and shoot you and if timed right by the time they shoot you you are no longer a suspect thus they get CONCORDOKKEN and you earn a killright on them.

For it to work the attacker must have safeties on red which is not unlikely in Jita with all the suicide gankers around or need to use a weapon that shoots when you are still a suspect but lands when you no longer are, like missiles and rockets for example.

You might undock and redock several times spread throughout your suspect timer and might even stop for a bit while outside (you can issue a stop command without breaking the undock invulnerability) and/or use an instawarp bookmark and dock up again, thus making it more difficult to predict if and when you will actually perform the bait and also to tease your potential attackers to make them more dedicated wanting to kill you and as such might be more likely to make mistakes.


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