WTS 82M Leviathan / Avatar Pilot (also Phoenix/Rev)

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Per title.
-0.38 sec status.
Located in highsec.
Includes MG nirvana phoenix pod.
Has both Amarr and Caldari titan skillbooks injected and trained to 5.

Asking 68B B/O, non negotiable.

60b to get you going.

Thanks for the bid. Bump

64B bid

Bump. Auction will end at 11:59pm on the 20st March (48 hrs before Plex for Good ends).

/edited to 48hrs before end of campaign to allow time to contact winner and arrange payment.


Bump, only 3 days left. Will accept the highest bid at that time.

Bump. 2 days left, at 64B still very cheap for char that can fly both titans.

Bump, less than 48 hrs to go. Will sell to highest bidder when auction ends.

Bump! Last 24 hrs or so, an offer above 64 would be great.

Character has 10B+ in skillbooks alone

66B bid

68B bid

69B bid

70b up

71 b/o


All bidders above did not come through when contacted.

Auction time has ended but so far am unable to contact any of the above bidders. Still taking offers.

still 66B bid

I’ll accept your latest bid of 69, but not 66. In the meantime, I’m extending the auction another 24 (ish) hours, to midnight ET tonight.

In this case, I don’t want it, withdraw the quotation