Xbox one controller support

can i use an xbox one controller to play eve online or is it just keyboard

Just keyboard and mouse. There may be some utilities available that will let you map controller commands to hotkeys to get some level of control, but the problem you’re going to run into is that there are far too many interactions to manage with a console controller. You really do need a mouse and keyboard to do a lot of things in the GUI.

well could i use a program called pinnacle game profiler look here at this link

Yep, that could work. I even did a little research into how to use an application called MAX to map MIDI controllers to keybindings to use things like DJ controllers to interact with the game :slight_smile:

It’s ultimately possible, and it might work for you, but knowing how I pilot and interact with the GUI, I would be constantly switching between the controller, keyboard and mouse. YMMV, of course.

well i am going to use the pinnacle game profiler with eve online but before this post i had my xbox one controller configured for mame use and farming simulator 17

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