YC 121 New Eden Capsuleer's Writing Contest

University students are even worse for handing things in at the last possible moment.


Maybe you’re confusing with minor grade school students. University one are better than them

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Ahahahaaa no.


Then you should reconsider your point of view. There are who leave the university and become a true intellectual man.

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Self-contradictory rhetoric about student responsibility aside… best luck to all of you who’ve entered the competition, now that things are wrapping up. There are some pretty interesting articles and stories entered in, so… may the best works win?


Hey @Lunarisse_Aspenstar, I forgot to upload my schtick last night. Here’s a crappy poetry entry:
This One Doesn’t Really Have a Name So I’m Wondering How Long I Can Make This Title Before the Router Says No Charles You Can’t Do That But It Seems I’m Pretty Much Set. I’d have made the title longer if I knew I could.

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Looking forward to reading the entries.

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One last thing, if you could contact Telegram Sam, I would appreciate it very much.

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How soon can the Judges’ verdict be expected?

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In the past it has usually taken 2 to 4 weeks,


Jeepers. So much good reading here. Well done by the authors (and great idea by the organizers). :clap:


In response to some inquiries by people too lazy to read the OP… here is the full list of entries.


  1. Cilisa Lugara - Every single in God’s Light

  2. Ravermile - Here in Eve I’ve traveled near and far

  3. Kyle Saltz - Assorted Poems

  4. Valdezi - Four Love Poems

  5. Lynn Yi - The Harpy Sings

  6. Creetalor - Rememberance

  7. Constantin Baracca - The Embrace of Arms

  8. Kithrus - Turn Home

  9. Elassus Herron - Nine Lyrics of Hirvomiakken

  10. Charles Surge - To Recover

  11. Che Biko - The Winter of Origin

  12. Charles Cambridge Schmidt - A Really Long Title - See Post


  1. Kyle Saltz - Interrogation of a Paladin
  2. Havohej - Voices in the Dark
  3. Vaari - Cleansing of Providence
  4. Quedragan en Gravonere - The Least interesting Man in the World
  5. Miyoshi Akachi - Anonymous End
  6. Lynn Yi - An Uncharted Abyss - Part One
    An Uncharted Abyss - Part Two
  7. Lynn Yi - The Book of Todram
  8. Rue - Crimson Birth
  9. Elias enDiabel - The Story
  10. Tanagura Amoii - The Dragon of Hei Shi-an
  11. Creetalor - Past Shadows
  12. Melisma Ramijozana - An Entirely Fictional Account of an Entirely Fictional Incident
  13. Mahazkie Vas’Hilgara - The Talk of Tintoh
  14. Aiden Vayle - In Deep, Chapter 1-3
  15. DeMichael Crimson - SoCT Vacation Transcripts
  16. Loai Qerl - Kingdom’s Just Desserts (Not Prize Eligible)
  17. Thomas Markand -What Serpents Would Call This Paradise
  18. Auriga Menkalinan - Clay Maiden
  19. Ninavask - Keitgas Station


  1. Valdezi - Match Report - Syndicate Kendu League (Agoze Rules) Men’s B Grade Grand Final 25.2.121")
  2. Auriga Menkalinan - Scandal at Syndicate’s Kendu Showdown!
  3. Auriga Menkalinan - Make ours a Henry’s!
  4. Mantelglobalindustries - Itamo Naval Rum
  5. Bakul en Divalone - SEE THE INTAKI HOMEWORLD
  6. Mantelglobalindustries and HC Androidson - An Astrogeological Survey
  7. Kalodote Lafisques Project “Alexandria”
  8. Sky Seolec - Early-Life Traumatic Experience As a Predictor of Capsule Compatibility
  9. Valdezi - Malkalen Address
  10. Taora Teonsur - Gelfiven News Network Collection
  11. Jorianna Gallaire - “See and Hear” Magazine Article
  12. Valerie Valate - The use of cyborg constructs as religious enforcers…
  13. Ninavask - VaskTech Indigo’s Fall After Action Report
  14. Koren Akko -I-RCN Collection - YC 121 Articles in Thread
  15. Diana Kim - The Rise and Fall of Caldari Providence Directorate
  16. Roirdan Bouche - OGS Facility Guides

For the love of- why does everyone put the “i” before the “e”? That’s not- > Puts his face in his hands and groans quietly.

Due to recent … emergency events that readers of the IGS have no doubt read about today, the deadline for the judges to finish their review has been extended to June 9th. It is expected that an event will be held to formally announce the winners and give prizes within two weeks or so thereafter.


All perfectly understandable. I’ve been trying to warn people for some time that an event like this was probably coming… and now that it’s here, life in certain parts of New Eden just got even crazier.

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Judges are almost done! Tentative date for Awards and announcement is June 29th or June 30th, Golden Masque.


hrrr hrr hrrrrr

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Ok time for the awards!

They will be announced June 29th, at 20:00 NEST

Location “The Golden Masque”

Venue Rules and Information

Besides the main prizes, there will be some special prizes also awarded. All are welcome to attend, subject to the Rules of the Venue, contestants and non-contestants alike.


Thanks for the update.

And will the results be posted here as well?

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Of course!