YC 121 New Eden Capsuleer's Writing Contest

I was not able to attend, though my holographic actor did. I’m happy for the other writers but disappointed in my overall performance matched against them. I will have to do better the next year.

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Aww yeah, I got a medallion for this year.


Had fun,

While I didn’t even place I am still very happy with the story I submitted. I hope this will be a start of many more to come. While the judges might not of thought it was a good 18 page read. I am really happy with it and hope others can read it and enjoy the story as well.

My goal was not to make isk but share a good story with other people. As I found that is what life truly is. A collection of stories. The greatness of a person is the amount of good stories they amass by the end of the road.

Until the next story comes along…Cheers!!

Paladin Warden Kyle Saltz


I echo the thanks of pilot Crimson.

Could the scores be published as well?


I would like to echo that as well.

Also since spelling and grammar were not included in the grading criteria then what was? What was the basis in which the judges were required to judge and base points on? As so I might improve on different areas in my own works it would be nice to know what the judges are looking for.



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I looked at sentence and story structure. Use of description and if I was engaged from the first line.


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