YC 122 New Eden Capsuleer's Writing Contest

Hello Lunarisse Aspenstar,

I’d like to submit this short story to the Prose category: Anomaly Encounter

Thank you.

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Will entry be considered if submitted on May 15th?

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My submission for this year in the poetry category:


I think so, according to this post by Lunarisse Aspenstar:

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Correct. Submitting on May 15th however calculated is fine.

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Well, in at the last second. But my two entries as I understand that is allowed.

A story I heard as a child.

And a poem I created in pod.

I hope they are found enjoyable.


OP Updated with all entries to date. This is the last day for submissions! They’ve been pretty amazing so far. I don’t envy the judges’ task!

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I submit for entry:



As of 15/05/2020, 22:42.



Due to personal circumstances, I will not be submitting anything this year.

and here is my entry (hope it isn’t too late ><)

I submit for academic work :slight_smile:


Woow, so much great stuff to read :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Contest is closed! if you submitted and I’ve somehow left you out, let me know. it was almost certainly accidental. Full list of entries is in the OP.

Same amazing stuff to read!

Winners are usually announce one month later - this year, the goal is June.


((good luck everyone :slight_smile:

It’s so cool to see so many entries

I have reading to do XD))


I am pleased to announce the Judges have finished judging!

Winners will be announced at an Award’s Ceremony and Mixer
Date: June 13, 2020
Time/; 17:00 NEST
Where: “Starlight Ballroom” on Tebu Ankhiman, Tanoo.
Dress Code: Business casual or better.

For those who can’t attend, winners will be posted here thereafter.


Is there going to be a livestream from the ballroom?


Not per se, but people can attend holographically, if they can’t come in person.

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I am afraid there has been a mixup with the timings we discussed. I went by your “I hear you have an event on 13th at 17:00” without checking my own announcement, and only now when I intended to post that people could use the Liberation Day as prep for this one realized that is actually not true.

Liberation Day celebrations is very clearly posted for 19 for the firewords, 20 at the pub.

I suppose I should have remembered or at least checked my own schedules, so it serves me right to miss some folks I’d have liked to share a drink with.

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New Time, Same Date!


Two hours!


First: Elassus Herron - Poems of the Sky Temple of the Northern Seas
Second: Cilisa Lugara - Untitled.
Third: Constantin Baracca - I Danced With Her, Cloaked In Night
Fourth: Madeleine Raske-Lancier -Universe Dreams

Honorable Mentions:
Rinai Vero - General Soter’s Testament
Miriam Hemah - Just Breathe
Alexis Clarke - Logistics
Saikoyo - Not Man
Dantelion Shinoni - Mortification can’t be Avoided, but Glorification is in our hands.

An Organizer’s Prize (Dinner in my gardens) by me to Cilisa Lugara for her entry.

First: Elsebeth Rhiannon “The Woman Who Loved a Ghost"
Second: Palis Airuta - Skimming Stones
Third (TIE):
Elsebeth Rhiannon “The God Beyond The Gate”
Juris Doctor - Shards of Seyllin
Fourth: Vladimir Korff - The Lesser of Evils
Honorable Mentions:
Lex Declare - Alone, yet not mad
Komi Valentine - Conscience
Hannah Taredi - Graduation Day
Renn Omaya - Red v Blue
Arsia Elkin - The Little Girl Who Spoke To The Trees
Saikoyu - Kitsa’s Tale
Dantelion Shinoni - Glorification is in our Hands, but can Mortification be Avoided

An Organizer’s Prize (Dinner in my gardens) by me to:
Riccoda Arada - Hauling Offer
DeMichael Crimson - Anomaly Encounter

First: Umbre Fallenstar - The Gravity of New Eden
Second: Gavin Lok’ri - God Does Not Forgive…
Third: Auriga Menkalinan - Knives Out On The Frontier Part I and Knives Out On The Frontier - Part II
Fourth: Jorianna Gallaire - Woman, 18, dies of suspected drug overdose
Honorable Mentions:
Kaladote Lafisques - Project 'Alexandria"
Nolcond v’Arxis - The Importance of Gold
Juris Doctor - Rebuttal of Komi CSM Campaign
Jorianna Gallaire - Murder in Jita
Utari Onzo - The Pilgrimage of Utari Onzo-Gallius
Galm Eskola Fae - Skarkon War News Compliation

Special Judges Prizes and their statements:

Haria Haritimado: "My special reward goes to Dr. Umbre Fallenstar, for his work on gravity. Given the bad luck and ill fate of being expelled from his wormhole after years of data gathering, and his dedication to the hard number crunching and science, “I support his endeavour of researching deeper into the current emergent threats with 1 billion ISK and I am looking forward to dive deeper into mutual research over the months and years to come.”

Loai Qerl: “My chosen recipient is not here, alas, but I would like even in his absence to recognize Kyle Saltz. The passion and great effort which he poured into his entries was evident, and I wish I could say so to him now. I encourage everyone to read and appreciate his work. If any of you see him, please let him know Loai still has his prize.”

Francophobia: “I enjoyed reading all the entries, and the two stories that made the largest impression on me I think deserved special recognition. The woman who loved a ghost and Skipping stones will both recieve an additional prize. Thank you Elsebeth and Palis Airuta.”

Lightning Lamont - Awarded a prize to Elsebeth Rhiannon for the Woman Who Loved a Ghost.

Thank you all for participating in the last year of the contest. it was good to go out on a high note!

Prizes will be delivered in the next few days!