YC 124 New Eden Capsuleer's Writing Contest

It is appreciated! Just let me know when you figure it out.

I’m absolutely delighted to see this contest return for another year. Last year’s edition was my first since graduating from the Institute and the experience of writing my entry went a great length towards helping me to understand both what sort of a person I want to be in this cluster and how my faith underpins those motivations.

Naturally, I plan on entering this year too. My experiences since the last contest have been numerous and given me plenty to think about. I hope writing a new contest entry will have a similarly positive impact on my personal development to what the previous did.


I have dispatched the prizes to Lunarisse, and they should arrive shortly.

Prize No. 1: Block of Cheese 250,000m3 of cheese, approx equivalent value 80M ISK

Prize No. 2. Trash Can 250,000m3 of trash, approx value 15M ISK

Prize No. 3. Safety Mud 120,000m3 of sport mud, approx value 10M ISK

The criteria are still to be agreed upon fully, however:

For the Safety Mud, I am envisioning the winner should be the best article or story involving health & fitness. Could be amusing pieces of gym lore, or a thrilling adventure short story where the protagonist is a sportball player, bodybuilder, or other health&fitness enthusiast.

For the Trash, I expect the winner would be something relating to Gallente culture - perhaps a Gallente tech-noir thriller, where the protagonist is a private detective, or the antagonist is an exotic dancer, set in the mean streets of nighttime Caille.

And for the enormous block of Cheese, I predict the winner will have something to do with Amarr culture in some way. Perhaps a theological romantic comedy, in which goats and/or well-endowed Amarr ladies feature prominently.

I am completely confident that Lunarisse will establish formal criteria as appropriate, for these fantastic prizes.


I have three stories this year that would qualify and I wish to enter:

But Mama I don’t want the wind
How the God lost His name, and the Khanid their God
Why is the sea salty

The middle one could qualify as theological text, but I do not think the competition will see it similarly to me, so I suppose these are all prose.

Spirits at your back.


The salt mill story is, obviously, a retelling of a well-known European legend / fairy tale. I have not followed any particular telling knowingly (though I cannot rule out subconscious borrowing of phrasings but put it to words and set it to context on my own. I am not sure how this relates to the competition’s rules on plagiarism; if it breaks them I trust the judges won’t consider it.


I would like to submit [YC124 NECWC] A free agent life for the prose category.

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I would like to submit [YC124 NECWC] A Haiku collection for the poetry category.


I am pleased this tradition continues. I wish to thank all involved in this honourable activity.

Although sorely tempted to take part myself I feel an intermission might be best. However I do look foreword to viewing your submissions.

May fine fortune favour you.


Updated OP to list the first few entries to the contest. We’re off to a good start!


Saw this post, started writing, stopped, here we are now. I wonder who wrote this? Which one of us, or is that one really


Also Clementine LeFleur has announced in advance her judge’s prize for the best Triglavian Themed Work. A fully fitted Leshak with special selected abyssal modules.


I would like to submit the following under the “Opinion Piece” category.



I would like to submit [YC124 NECWC] Sawa Laboratories YC124 Q1 Report in the Academic/Scientific category.


Submitting in gossip category.

Miss Galliere.

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I would like to submit History of the Temperate Worlds of Helab for the academic category.


I am also submitting Eras of Soliara III for the academic category.


If this works for the Prose category, please add it to my submissions.


Updated OP with Entries to date! We have a little over a month to go to the May 22nd deadline! :slight_smile:


I don’t know if I can submit this for the contest, as a portion of it is vocabulary invented and copied from another post, but if it is acceptable and not considered plagiarism then I hope it is to your liking. I organized the vocabulary better, starting with categories and then often alphabetizing it within each category. I also explained a connection between the languages of Athra/Amarr and Soliara, and did my best to translate the Holder oath, word for word.

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I’d like to submit my first original translation to the Poetry category.


I am unsure, on review. if it fits within contest parameters for a number of reasons.
I will discuss with the judges and contact you privately.
At this time, this specific entry is not being accepted.