[YC 124 NEWCWC] Ashes to Ascendance

The following article circulates among the Empyrean elite, catching the eye of some for the boldness of the claims it makes about a region and a people that rarely enter the public eye. The work is an updated and revised summary of a thesis delivered and defended at the University of Caile.

Ashes to Ascendance: Modeling the growth of the Intaki population of Syndicate

(( This is an entry into the Academic category of this year’s writing contest! To achieve something plausibly academic in tone and concept with (understandably) limited data able to be harvested from the lore, I had to do some… deeply irresponsible things with math. If you are a demographer, statistician, or just someone who values mathematical integrity, I can but apologize for my transgressions here. ))

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