[YC124 NECWC Poetry] Captured


Adrift in the dark,
I am captured by your radiance.

As you pull me in,
I crack open my icy shell.

Bursting into dust,
I shed the crust of old history.

The trail that follows me
Enthrals you like a beacon to pull me closer.

We dance;
Our entwined splendour outshining your companions.

We join,
In a fleeting moment that almost burns me to crisp.

We separate,
Both knowing I cannot call your sky my own.

I drift away from your warm embrace,
As my trail fades away.

I leave your sky to truer orbits,
My love now sheltered away.

I wonder,
As I face the dark once more;

Heart captured,
But not kept:

Will we ever meet like this again?

For Julie
by Alda Malukker

(( OOC: Poem submission for YC124 New Eden Capsuleer’s Writing Contest. ))


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