Years too late

Just read this article and what I took from it was this …

Years after abandoning there own Wiki , ie instruction manual , CCP finally realise people actually do need some help learning this gane :roll_eyes:


Yes, they need to reduce the knob twiddling and ludicrious decimal point precision and simplify the game.


The convolution isn’t the worst thing by far. It’s even a mixed blessing, as some really like the theory-crafting involved.

First thing the company will need to figure out is the strengths and weaknesses of their game and then understand the different, potential customers they attract.

Even if they want to cast all the old nerds aside, they will not attract those whale dollars, the direction they are going in now.

And yet those “whale dollars” are still posting on the forums. They haven’t left.

Doubt. When I listen to them talk, many of the old hands have reverted to free alpha accounts.

So what, Alpha still consumes PLEX on the NES, what do you think the last political drive did? It removed PLEX from the game, that was the real purpose of it :slight_smile: That means, players have to spend to buy more PLEX.

Consuming PLEX would turn those alpha accounts into Omega accounts. They are really talking about Alpha: Frigates and dessies. That type of free stuff is what players can fall back on.

You can consume PLEX without turning into Omega. Check NES sometime.

CCP can always whip up another political “give us your PLEX” drive to make you consume more.

Like, to what end? If CCP can’t keep the value of the PLEX, but instead has to donate it, what does that do except to make CCP sell more PLEX to make up for the money they donated?

That’s also a way to lower tax liabilities and wash a company.

Yeah, but what vet actually does anything else with PLEX?
Omega is the only thing with entertainment value, you can spend PLEX on.

PLEX to ISK? Horrible conversation rate to any vet who could easily make billions back in his day. Dessies are cheap anyway.
PLEX to skins? Apparel? I highly doubt it. Not much point in this game.

If the NES didn’t consume PLEX, it wouldn’t be there.

I suspect it is languishing, but it consumes so little resources, might as well keep it open for the once-in-a-lifetime skin sale.

This game is precisely what whales want with it’s mobile or wait gameplay. It will more likely drive away players who dont have time for the time and isk sink.

I keep saying it that the time sink/wait and isk earning at newby level play is too low. And then the market which is pretty much suited purely for vets unless a newby is happy to fly trash.

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I don’t think so. The whale is typically a dude with too many dollars and not much time, who wants to lord it over other players with his superior gear right from the get-go.

EVE is very unsuitable for that kind of player. These dollar giants get ganked by the first group of alpha pilots, who fly under the big guns.

You can disagree but it definitely is a mobile type pay or wait/grind game. I have “too many dollars” so isk isn’t an issue to me and loss means nothing. I dont have time for a second job as i have pne already and a family. I dont know about the other bit unless you think it’s obnoxious that someone can afford to constantly fly whatever they want? People do that anyway.

I don’t actually disagree with THAT part of the argument; what I really question is it’s effectiveness.

The current system is really reminiscent of the mobile game monetization scheme, no disagreement there…only, those other games actually do the bad thing BETTER.

The new whales actually ROFL-stomp the poorer opposition in those games, which is what the whales want. That’s not the case over here. For EVE, it’s a total mismatch of conflicting game mechanics.

And just to make things clear - i think the current model is sht. It takes too long to skill things and things cost too much for regular peeps. Itsas if the game basically demands an enternity to experience the full content with decent gear or pay up.

I know i can do plenty of things to earn isk like my isk printing indy alt but i dont want a second job. Sitting in a station printing isk, using my time, or just buy 30 bil. It’s a no brainer.

You said it. Thank goodness for RookieHelp Channel. This is a really complex game, and the players there have carried me this far.

Which is also why I keep coming back to play. The community is great.

That was CCP Burger who is here from at least 2015.

It’s honestly baffling.