Yes, we have a Troglodyte problem

imagine doing something in a game just “because it’s fun”… the shame!

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Your right and we are losing players , so making it softer isn’t the answer, wish we had a good war decing sys. I don’t know the answer but I hope CCP move in the right direction

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Fam. This ain’t it. I see you’ve quoted me a few times in your manifesto Lucii, and I would remind you of what I told you before, that you shouldn’t online an Astra unless you had people to defend it. You onlined it anyway. I told you to unanchor it as people were going to wardecc you soon, and you stopped the unanchoring process. And now you’ve lost a third of your members and are about to lose your Astrahus.

You still haven’t learned the lesson in Eve that your “intelligence,” and “psychology,” don’t mean ■■■■ without the firepower to back it up, and the willingness to use it. As long as the appropriate game mechanics are used, might does indeed make right in Eve Online.

Now, if I were you I’d love somewhere safer and try to keep your new bros safe until your structure is destroyed in its hull timer in a few days. Eve doesn’t have a troglodyte problem, Eve has a problem with risk averse players taking part in activities where they don’t fully understand the mechanics and refuse to listen to advice.

Hell even @Githany_Red disagrees with you and Githany is the champion of high sec carebears. I’ve been trying to explain to you that your fundamental assumptions about Eve are flawed and that they lead you to conclusions like the ones you’ve stated here, and you didn’t listen. Now the rest of the players who’ve read this are repeating exactly what I said before.

You’re going about this the wrong way. If I were you I’d join a Corp full of experienced, active players who know about the game, and talk to them, and learn from them. To be honest you’re too new of a player to be leading a newbie Corp, and we see that clearly in the situation that you’re in now.

Love you, fly safe.


Please hide this thread.

It’s awful.

No, don’t infringe on the right of the OP to make himself and his Corp a target.

He’s doing a fine job.


I did not like this at all, the reason it upset me is that you said this:

Being a guy he has no objective ability to be reasonable, he is apparently like a slave under his impulses, he just acts as his impulse dictates

For me the simple fact that you lump all men in as unable to control their impulses makes you a man hater. I and many other men in what is left of our civilisation, know that to be a real man is to control our impulses, but people like you lump us in with the scum that cannot, you in effect said that all men are rapists. You should be ashamed of yourself.

If you had thought about what you were writing about without the anti man hate, then the key thing you should have focussed on would have been the need to dominate others in a competitive environment such as Eve, in real life this is not just a male trait as many women have it too.


The OP is absolutely correct. Men are DISGUSTING troglodytes. It’s time for EVE Online to create a server for women ONLY, just a safe place for us girls.

Reading some of your replies. Interesting. Thank you!

  1. I did not quote you Grey, honestly I did not have you in mind writing this at all, your opinions as you know are mutated gamewide, you should not flatter yourself to believe that they were all originally you to begin with. Thank you for being my carebear thought! :slight_smile:

  2. I haven’t used the word ‘newbros’ at any point. We call them newsapiens here.

  3. ‘Man hater’, bah ridiculous. I am saying I have much more confidence in ‘boys’ and men, that is the point of the post. Most of you playing are not grown up men yet, no pun intended.

  4. I am not sorry to have deployed a structure, prematurely or not. It has been very interesting to watch the ‘structure’ of game philosophies take place around it.

  5. The ‘troglodyte phenomenon’ on EVE is an interesting one for sure! Flyin’ about shooting down T1-newbies is not that impressive in people’s eyes though. If you are not aware of that debate, then here’s a reminder. Your salt and pepper seems dull.

  6. Troglodytes still have a ‘choice’. I am not forcing them to shoot an unarmed station down. But I do think it qualifies as ‘meh’. Who will win the meh-crown? We will see if they are going to prove my point or not! :slight_smile:

I like that picture. It’s funny!

Like, real talk.

As a woman, I’ve got to say that your gendered take on the game is rather absurd.

This is a PvP game. When other players shoot your t1 ship, or your station, they are playing the game correctly. They are not acting like children, they are acting like people who understand what the game is.

It is your job, as a fellow player, to figure out how to either get along with other players, or how to defend yourself from them. That challenge IS the game.

You have absolutely no right whatsoever to a structure, or even a spaceship. Other players exist to either compete or cooperate, and they are under no obligation to assist you or look the other way just because you throw gender at them, or just because you claim to be ‘new’ and demand a free pass. Enjoy the game for what it is, or perhaps you should look for a game that doesn’t involve PvP competition.


Wow, so in a way this reinforces my point. You’re saying that you’re not quoting me, that you’re quoting other players who said the exact same thing that I said, that the play style of killing a valid target is part and parcel of Eve.

There is no such thing as an “unimpressive” kill because quite frankly the concept of an “impressive” kill is entirely subjective. You say that there is no honor in killing newer players, but let’s be real, in Eve there is no way of telling if that player is a new bro, or just an alt without getting access to their ESI. And even if they are new, a kill is still a kill.

BlackFlag has killed several members of your corporation and made some small amount of isk, and they will make several hundred million when your astrahus dies. At the very least they gain kills on their killboard, which is a valid goal in Eve and a valid playstyle.

The thing is, you haven’t given a valid reason as to why anyone shouldn’t shoot at a valid target. You can’t give an objective reason without appealing to subjective values, because at the end of the day, Eve is a game, and a sandbox, where the only guiding principles is having the necessary power, smarts, and skills, to enjoy whatever playstyle that you have.

What you’re saying here is carebear messaging at its core, “please don’t kill me because I don’t want you to.” Which at the end of the day, doesn’t mean ■■■■ unless you have the ability to make your opponents regret it, in game of course. Now, you have two options, keep getting killed, or take the fight to them in such a way so as to make anyone else be worried about engaging you in the future. That’s how you succeed in Eve, when you can enjoy your playstyle sand not have to worry about too much interference.

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It looked that way. That sentence was badly written if it was not your intention.

In any case, I am not a ganker, I was AG actually, I only shoot people who give me a reason to. I think most Eve gankers are masters at gathering low hanging fruits and boasting how wonderful they are and how terrible their victims are. In fact this boasting is highly amusing once you get a good understanding of game balance.

I happen to have a CODE Fortizar on my killboard…, just so you know.

To be honest, you should give up on structures unless you can gather up a large number of people that can overwhelm the war deckers. My group did have numbers, but we could not take on the largest war deckers We did manage to defend several structures and destroy several enemy ones. Try to develop a network of like minded people, good luck on it.

No, I was saying that the ‘troglodyte phenomenon’ is a real thing, not that the ‘troglodyte phenomenon’ is the game. You keep forgetting Grey that this is part of that game, fight, struggle, whatever you call it, too. You are underestimating what it means.

I am listening to what you’re saying Aiko, woman to woman. Thank you for your perspective, but I feel it’s a bit one-sided. There are several ways to play this game. There are several ways to shoot a target.

There are several ways to play the game, but taking to the forums and complaining about people shooting your structure is not one of them.


Then you have not understood the purpose of the post, sister.

Oh, what is the mysterious ‘purpose’ of the post?

I don’t like dying in Eve. I love killing in Eve.

I hate not killing more than I hate dying, though. Always kill or die trying.

Question to the OP:

Why are you playing a game where non-consensual PvP is one of the main features? And please don’t spin the answer in a way that talks about anyone else and how they don’t have to engage in non-consensual PvP just because the game offers it, blah blah, etc. etc. Answer, specifically, why you are playing a game with such a feature.


If you actually look at the data, eve has a far higher proportion of older, employed players than most video games (excluding mobile time wasters like candy crush). That’s hard data. Whether they’re acting more maturely is subjective, but I think you’ve probably seen too narrow a segment of the community to make a judgement in that area so far.

Troglodytes still have a ‘choice’. I am not forcing them to shoot an unarmed station down. But I do think it qualifies as ‘meh’. Who will win the meh-crown? We will see if they are going to prove my point or not!

This is more interesting. Employ some game theory. Try to see it from the perspective of an organization like blackflag who attacks highsec citadels and corps.

Piracy is their source of income, used to fund their infrastructure costs, ship replacement and so on. When they encounter a newbro corp that’s anchored a fresh structure, what should they do? The immediate outsider moral decision is to not attack them, and let them gain sufficient strength to have fair competition.

However, if blackflag do not attack them, other groups in highsec will. The possible gains, both monetary (loot) and content (fights and kills) will be taken instead by a rival group. If blackflag do not generate content (and income) for their members, those members will join rival groups and blackflag’s relative power will weaken.

But what about defending them instead of attacking them? If blackflag wanted to attack its competitors, it could do so without involving the small newbro corp (who cannot meaningfully contribute in a positive manner relative to a group like blackflag). With zero gains, and costs in the form of diplomacy time and headaches of defending non-essential structures there is little to no incentive to defend a small newbro corp.

In short, by choosing to enter a competitive environment you force others to compete against you.

So if environmental pressures force groups like blackflag to attack small newbro corps, why is it allowed? To stop a risk-free krabbing paradise.

Structures represent a significant infrastructural advantage in eve, and for the benefit they provide they must have some form of downside to keep them in check and prevent structure spam overwhelming HS.

Eve’s raison d’etre is about competition between players, and also shooting other ships. Enabling limited pvp in highsec provides both content for people who want spaceship explosions, and prevents HS from becoming unbalanced. It’s a win-win game design decision. It also provides incentives for players to diversify their skillsets between both industry and combat.

I don’t mean any disrespect, but I think your assessment of eve’s ecosystem is very naive and is based on attempting to confine a hugely complex system of tens of thousands of people and tens of thousands of game mechanics into your own world-view without changing it.

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