You Are Not Alone

In Australia, World Suicide Prevention Day is often referred to as “R U OK?” day:

Perhaps CCP could give away a “friend ship” called the “Ruok” (or “RUOK”) to remind capsuleers that they aren’t alone.


There’s a reference to Annie somewhere in your post.

Not to ■■■■ on this, but such “gifts” are meaningless to those who cry in silence and I really hope CCP does not give people gifts so they reconsider killing themselves, because that’s exactly what this would be about. What’s worse, it reinforces the bad idea that the online-community is a good thing that cares about them.

It’s not. There’s plenty of people who are in a bad shape exactly because online-communities have replaced every actual social life.What they need is a normal life and being treated as such, not being reminded of how ■■■■ it is.

The only people who can remind other people of the fact that they’re not alone …
… is other ■■■■■■■ people. Not a company. Not a videogame. Not a forum post.

You mean well …
… but ■■■■ no.


/ooc Can happen to the best people in our lives, hearts goes out to those families left to clean up the mess.

Happy world suicide day to you too!

Well. OP, guess it couldn’t hurt…
Connecting with actual people would probably be better, but if anything helps sounds ok to me.

B4R still a thing?

And then when CODE suicide ganks them all, how will they feel?

This is EVE after all.

(obviously I’m not trying to downplay the real issue of suicide etc…)

I don’t think it is a gift to keep people from considering it, I think it is a gift to help spread awareness among those who may be oblivious.

I dont think you would say happy, its not a holiday. :wink:

I don’t think a gift would be much use anyway.

I think most people are aware of the problem already.

One issue is, it’s not always easy to spot, someone might seem a bit depressed. Then you ask them if they’re ok and they say yes even though they are far from it. Why do they say they’re ok, because they know if they told the truth it would lead to a long conversation and they don’t want to talk about it.

I think he was being sarcastic.

I’d say he was as he dropped the ‘prevention’ although I don’t see it as practically funny or clever given the subject matter.

okay I didn’t get it.

Much truth here.

Good post.

You’re correct about how raising awareness of suicide (and also mental health, depression etc) is important and I think the sentiment behind your suggestion is admirable but I’m not sure that a freebie ship is the right way to go.

Maybe CCP could consider some of the following:

  1. Ensuring that adverts for B4R ( and/or the Sixth Empire ( appear on a regular basis on the video boards that appear in stations when docked.

  2. Doing the same for the in-space video boards.

  3. Having B4R/SE banner adverts on a regular basis in official emailed comms.

  4. Be more proactive in their moderation of language in the game. It’s definitely better than it used to be, but I still see occasional homophobia and/or bullying in the game chat channels. Prejudice ought to get an immediate ban - not necessarily from the entire game, maybe just from being able to communicate in chat for a period of time, but it shouldn’t escape sanction.

A more complicated one is my personal bugbear, griefing.

I do absolutely ‘get’ that to an extent this is a core part of the game however there’s a fine balance between griefing and bullying and I’m not sure that CCP always gets this right. IMHO it’s currently too easy for someone to act in a bullying way and then to dress this up as legitimate gameplay - I’ve experienced this personally and I know others have too.

I acknowledge that this is a very difficult one to solve and I’m not sure that I know an easy soluttion, but I’m flagging it up here because I think it’s definitely worthy of some cosideration.

Personally I think that online games are often an escape from real life for a whole bunch of people who may be struggling because of personal circumstances, mental health, physical health, disability issues, social or geographic isolation, or a bunch of other complex issues.

Having an awareness of this truism definitely affects my style of play and the way that I interact with others. And it means that I try hard to play as a Jedi rather than as a Sith.

A Buddhist once said to me that a starting principle for interacting with others was that, “when you walk through the lives of others, ensure that your feet are clean” Pretty mnuch this is my starting point for my interactions with others, either in real life or online.

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Yes, you should always keep your feet clean, you don’t want anything nasty growing on them.

Personally, on first contact I always treat people the same (fairly neutral), I don’t prejudge on what others have said, I make my own mind up.

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