You doing wrong CCP

Instead of increase numbers of systems and give players space, you just flip industry trashcan.
Now it smells… :nauseated_face:

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Industry is CCP’s best friend.

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Why do we need more systems? There’s already 7,000+ systems in the game that you can visit.


All of these systems completely in major forces hands.
Newcomers no place to grow and expand.

And with new industry changes small groups in an even bigger loss.


No they’re not.


What do you think would happen to the new systems?


And what would happen with vapor in teapot when you’re open a cap?

Laugh? I nearly stopped

Youd get severely burned by the hot vapors escaping. Which is what would happen if we just added more systems. New players will try to go there, and get burned by vets who would exploit the F out of it.

What we need is a better system, not more systems.


There are tons of dead, quiet, systems in Hisec. They can slowly grow there.


Wrong, it’s pushed out, expand and cool down

Lots of PLEX.
CCP wants that.


I would argue that we already have too many systems for our current player population. I used to rent on the outskirts of New Eden down a dead end pipe, and there were times were I could krab all night without seeing a single neut. Moreover, there are plenty of opportunities for groups to break into nullsec. See, the key is that you attack null blocs where they are the strongest, and ignore the regions where there are power vacuums and unaffiliated alliances wrestling for control… or something like that.

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So the allies should’ve gone for Berlin right away and not wait to coordinate in occupied territories, right?

See, this guy gets it… well, I mean, he doesn’t get sarcasm, but he understands the point I was trying to make nonetheless.


No, you said you opened the cap. It does expand and cool down, but in the mean time, you got burned too.

There are enough systems for people to find a quiet one and hunker down.

Look at this place. Hisec, quiet. Zero kills zero pod deaths in the last 24 hours.

Why do we not need new systems? No new regions for close to a decade…the idea that we can’t add anything new is as tired as cloaky camping discussion.

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I’m not obligated to argue a negative. You made the assertion that we needed new systems. You’re under obligation to make your case or be dismissed.

Why do we need new systems?

Not true, we have triglavian space that you can access for a short period of time using filaments.

Only because no one actually presents a good reason as to why we should add new systems.

Instead, we get the same old stupid arguments like “i want more systems because i can’t make 10 billion isk in 1 hour safely and somehow I will expect that only I can access it and no one else will be able to utilize the systems except me!!!”

Come back with better arguments, then maybe we will consider backing you. But as it stands, your reasons and arguments are bad and you should feel bad for supporting them.

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It would be really nice if we could pay some PLEX to spawn our own instanced systems. Then there would be no need for CCP to add new ones to the game!