You have no chance

i figured out how i can do the event.i buy a tier 3 tengu and then come back in may of 2029 when i have the skills to use it.7 years and 1600 dollars later i can play wooot

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In-game there is a chat group called “Events”. They appear to concentrate on this type of activity and swap suggestions for ship fits etc. They will let you know if any fit you have is capable.

I took CCP at their word tho, that you need a minimum T1 battle cruiser for these sites. That appears either not to be true or largely restricted to navy versions of various BCs.

The only true T1 BC that seems capable is the Drake, yet the fits I have seen are so packed with T2 kit such as Heavy Assault Missiles and blingy faction mods as to be effectively out of range for your average pleb.


I know it won’t help you for this event, but I like HAC’s for running live events. They have a good mix of DPS and damage application, move fast, which helps for finding sites, and have been able to handle any live event that I’ve thrown them at (do note, however, that certain events will have ship size restrictions, so they obviously won’t work if you can’t take the gate with one). Thus, they’re a good choice to train for if you want to do live events. Racial Cruiser V, T2 Medium guns, Energy Grid Upgrades V, and Weapon Upgrades V, all make for a significant train, but cruisers are an extremely versatile ship class, can punch up and down, and give you a great bang for the buck. Moreover, Weapon Upgrades V is a very useful skill on it’s own. Thus, you’ll likely get a lot of mileage out of those skills. Regardless, I personally like brawlers like the Deimos and Ikitursa because their blistering damage helps me to run sites faster, but kiting fits can really help your survivability if your tanking skills still need work.

Also, if you’re really desperate to get in on the action for this event, you can try fleeting up with a buddy. Spider tanking can increase your tank, and the extra DPS will help you to break enemy tanks and to reduce incoming damage to a manageable level.

And, not for nothing, but you have a terrible attitude. I promise you that that is going to do more to stand in the way of your fun and success than anything else.


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All this also on the assumption that this sites are run solo.

If you are struggling team up. The highsec sec sites are averaging about 30mill. More than enough to make it worthwhile to run in teams.

Also if you are omega and been signing in every day CCP will be giving you a gnosis today. With good skills that can solo the sites……. With not so good skills go with a friend.

All that said though……. The newbie friendly portion of the event is the exploration. The sites can be scanned down with very little skills in a t1 expo frigate that is fit sensibly. The hacks themselves are not the difficult ones we sometimes see in events. And the loot is good. Even in highsec I’ve had quite a few 4 - 5 - 6% implants drop…… thats a 100mill isk injection everytime.

Try the exploration instead. The ships can be flown day one (you start with one races frigate skills) and the fit will cost you around 1mill.

:sweat_smile: EVE: pay now play later.

It says that Battlecruisers and below are allowed, and underneath that they tell you the recommendations, at least when you´re on the DED side


etch i did try exploring yesterday.i found 2 sites.the first i had 4 successful hacks that yielded 6000 worth of garbage i could get off salvaging asteroid belt pirates.the second site i got a couple million isk worth of stuff just before pirates destroyed me.i found lots of wormholes.but since i have nothing that can engage the sleepers there theres no point in going in.the combat sites are just as bad.with the best fit thorax i can make i lose every not going to even refit another.its a waste of time.i appreciate your suggestions tho

I am specifically talking above the EVENT data sites in high sec. 3 cans in each site. Each can has at least 1 lootbox and sometimes you get 3. So each site is worth a minimum of 3 mill and I’ve had as much as 6mill. And thats just the loot boxes. On top of that you can get components, boosters, accelerators and the implants i mentioned above. Based on that………

This wasn’t an event site. The high sec sites have 3 cans. That’s just a normal data site and in my 2 years in game I’ve never made as little as that from any kind of site. So i get the feeling you are exaggerating to validate the conclusion the event isnt for you. :slight_smile:

The only time you get pirates at a data site in high sec is if it was a ghost site. In which case it had lesser in its name and when you warped to it a big warning icon flashes up explaining the site is dangerous. Basically an invisible timer starts when you land on site which causes rats to warp in anytime after 30seconds and before 2mins. They destroy the site and it explodes for 6000 explosive damage which will kill a expo frigate. Failing a hack also causes the site to explode. Usually you warp in and ninja hack one can and leave. But again NOT AN EVENT SITE :slight_smile:

It’s higher risk but there are data and relic sites in there. Lots of isk to be made. You just have to be aware that local doesn’t work in w-holes. There are also event sites in there. Combat and Data. A T1 frigate works fine. You loot one site successfully in there and you have probably paid for at least 10 replacement ships. Probably more. You dont need to engage any sleepers at all. But do your homework first. You need to know which sites to target………or more importantly not target.

Perhaps actually try the EVENT data sites and not just data sites before you dismiss my suggestion. :slight_smile:

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the first site was a relic site and no im not exaggerating what it dropped.that being said it might have been 6200 or 6300.anyway it was exactly the same material that drops when you salvage pirate wrecks in ore belts.the second site was exactly as you stated.third ill give the wormholes a shot.i die everyday a few more times a day isnt a big for the event data sites i have no idea how to find them specifically.i did find a data site i spent over an hour on i couldnt get beyond 39 percent resolution at.25au.i had to give up on that an event data site?

nm wormholes are just a quick way to did you get used to losing everyday over and over again and its not just losing i mind as much as having no chance.having no chance is like playing craps with loaded dice.seems like a foolish waste of money

damn im late for the party
did anyone link what fits they died with, I search OP andrew Maulenrant | Character | zKillboard but he has no lost so alt forum character or something
Someone else in the thread said they died too so Anter Ikla Alland | Character | zKillboard still no km to see what fit they were running


He stated above that he used a Thorax fit, and above that he said multiple times he lost his shields in one shot. So im rather positive at this point that fitting was part of the problem. I too have looked at the killboards of both. Nothing. Its either a Forum alt, or doesnt show due to being an npc kill.

OP, multiple people have offered advice or tried to help. You’ve accepted none of it. You have shut down every attempt to help you with the “woe is me” attitude. Its my conclusion you are either trolling or are a newbro with the perception that every event should be tailored towards new players. It isnt and shouldnt be. That being said, i offer advice once again.

For the combat sites, use a Drake or Gnosis. Cheap and effective. For data sites, make sure it’s an event site instead of normal or ghost sites. I would also suggest finding a good player Corp with people who can help you. I dont enjoy being that guy, but the doom and gloom hopeless attitude is going to make it a very hard road for you and Eve may not be the game for you. However i hope thats not the case and you find the help you need. Fly safe and good luck.

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you have no chance to survive make your time,
ha ha ha ha …

It doesn’t sound too different to what I’ve experienced ratting ( in a Slasher ) in lowsec. On a few occasions I’ve had to run away due to attempts to warp scramble, though rat warp scramble doesn’t seem to be as effective as that of actual players…or maybe I’ve been just out of range.

i was using 200 mm railguns drones armor repairermultispectral membrain and an afterburner.i have to wonder if you guys are even newer then i am.if you think a tier one cruiser has the remotest chance against 4 tier 2 assault cruisers you cant have been playing more then a couple days.why would ccp list a teir 1 cruiser as a viable choice.they arent.and since ive found nearly the entire game is centered around old players yeah having a few segments of the beginning of an event within the capabilities of tier one ships seems reasonable.i did take the advice of a poster.i jsut spent an hour in a wormhole scanning for a data site.i was killed instantly by earlier attempt i was killed within a minute by a player in a tengu

They haven’t. The have specifically said battlecruisers, heavy assault cruisers and command ships.

Just because the gates are accessible to certain ships does not mean they are viable. For instance I could be running the sites in a BC with a corpmate in a frigate or destroyer following. as I clear the first room they warp in to salvage the wrecks for some easy isk.

Cooperative game plays. Again something a day one character can do with a corpmate

The fact the gates allow that is good. As opposed to restricting access to bc and above which really does exclude newer players from the content.

Similarly veteran players can run the sites in a command ship which offers bonuses to other ships. Which could make a command ship/ cruiser combination viable for 2 players working co operatively. Allowing new players to work with corp mates to clear the site. There is more than enough loot to justify that.

Just last night I was doing the sites in a group of 3. I can do them solo but it was more a chill social thing. We just split the loot and it was still worth our time.

Speak to folks in your corp. I’m sure you can find a way to be useful in these sites

You mentioned wormholes. I told you they were high risk and high reward. I didn’t advise you to try them without doing some research. I specifically said this

If you had done this you wouldn’t have run into sleepers at all. The names of the sites tell you whether there will be sleepers at it. There are guides, you tube vids and countless threads in this forum that discuss the mechanics. It’s readily available information. Lack of preparation on your part I’m afraid.

The ONLY piece of advice I’ve given you is to try running EVENT DATA SITES. These are not relic sites, these are not ghost sites, these are not wormholes. :slight_smile:

Sorry if I’m coming across harsh but from my perspective it’s like I’ve advised you to watch some baseball coz I think you would like it. And you have come back and told me you don’t like baseball coz this one time you watched golf and didn’t enjoy it……… and it’s basically the same thing.

thank you for the advice.the only thing that has been paying off is what ive been doing is mining and making cruisers.if i put weapons on them theyre lost.but if i take just drones i can kill a few low sec rats before im killed and collect the insurance.i end up a few million to the plus with every death and the guys in lowsec get the easiest kill they ever win.not much of a game but then i dont make the rules

Git gud

I don’t think you’re likely to profit off of insurance frauding cruisers. The minerals you mine aren’t free.


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