You now have infinite money

Warren Buffet wanted to send his friend a small thank you gift of 500 trillion US Dollars, but just as he was about to send it, his cat tackled him from his seat, typed in your account number and successfully passed the security check to authorize the payment, non-refundable.

Of course you spent every single penny of it buying PLEX. Not bothering to even display a number, you now just have INFINITE money.

The devs are holding their breath. The rest of EVE has no idea what’s about to happen. Nobody does.
This is your moment. How are you going to change EVE?

With meowed regards
-James Fuchs


I fit up an Astero and disappear into wormholes forever. Then I quit playing EVE.


Vast quantities of ISK would be useless without a sizeable organization to turn it into a proficient fighting force. No ISK quadrillionaire is ever gonna take over Eve single handedly.


Nice. I can continue with my long-term plans, only faster. :slightly_smiling_face:


I’d sit back a moment and think about what would cause the most beautiful river of tears on the EVE forums.

Shortly after I would buy CloneSoldier Tags and set buy-orders everywhere so ridiculously high, that their prices skyrocket to hundreds of millions per Tag. Then I would just sit back and watch the Forums burn. :black_heart:

And after that, maybe continue with Catalysts. Thrashers. Tornadoes. :slight_smile:


But there’d always be people obtaining new tags from lowsec. Likewise if you set up buy orders to buy everything in Jita and Amarr, there’d always be people making their own stuff from ore, ice, etc.

Hire an army of mercs that will have to RP as a cartoon mafia gang in EVE online.


Why would I waste the money on Plex? I’d buy CCP itself and institute some drastic changes there.


Buy 2 years of Omega / 2 years of MCT for 400 alts
Learn how to multibox 20 alts each time and send waves of Condors on my targets
Would pay PLEX as prize to anyone if they do ridiculous things
Would fit a tanky ship with 1000 PLEX in the cargo, autopilot it Jita-Amarr and stream it, whoever ganks it would take the PLEX
Would stream people doing the silliest things and reward them
Reward extravagance

Etc, I would just burn all the wealth in ludicrous ways, would burn all the PLEX, would break the EULA in every possible way until I get banned


That absolutely doesn’t matter. If the market price for these things skyrocket, the gankers would make a lot more money from selling these tags and items and ships to my overly inflated buyorders, even if they farm them themselves or produce everything themselves. If they use them to gank, they simply lose money, and lots of. And exactly that would drive them mad. :slight_smile:

What if someone becomes EVE Batman?

Be very rich. Go fight crime. Ultra luxury modules.

There was a guy like that, he disapeared from EVE btw

He used to build and provide the ships to gankers and do “antiganking” on them by juggling his alts. Years back, when a group of Chinese gankers came to highsec, he sold them ships at fair prices, then started antiganking them and extorted them ISK to leave them alone. He played both sides majestically like no other

He could provide a ridiculous amount of Talos and Catalysts, then he came with alts and shoot them… he would also direct the sales to these or those groups because he wanted to shoot them in this or that region… WHAT A GUY

You should have met that guy, he had a very dark sense of humor, then COVID came in and he disapared, I have his personal stuff from real life… he disapeared from social networks. I have no idea what happened to him :frowning:


Buy out entire tritanium from the market and then wind up it’s prices through the roof :smiling_imp:
Am I the winner …and make everyone else a whiner? :wink:

… or maybe a miner? :rofl:


This right here… 100%


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PLEX has been bought, no refunds :slight_smile:

But you can bribe CSM with that PLEX to force CCP into this and further use that PLEX accordingly to institute that drastic changes :slight_smile:

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Infinite PLEX isn’t infinite money, if you have infinite PLEX they actually become worthless because the market would be flooded, so all you actually won was nothing


You say it like it hasn’t already happened…

Fancy that someone would undeestand economics…

Are you an insider, Mabebu Trading? :stuck_out_tongue:
Got any tips for us simpletons hehe?

There are no original ideas…