You now have infinite money

Depending on capsuleers to do what makes sense… will leave you broke.

I’m not gonna do anything with it at all, it seems

I would set up the below in every belt, next to every gate, near every NPC station and at every star in hisec that has a sec level that supports anchoring…


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Like remove PLEX

Sell enough PLEX for ISK to buy up every capital on market and on contracts.

Go through Assets one buy one, trashing everything. Repeat every Monday at 8:30am, after arriving to work and finishing my Egg McMuffin.

Then I buy up all Geckos, Gecko blueprints and materials. Because Geckos are everything to me… second only to Fedo.

Finally I approach Frat and offer to PLEX every members account for eternity in exchange for them to move to and occupy Highsec permanently and White Knight for those good hard working PVEers until every member of CODE. and their clones and rando mass-wardeccers regret the day they ever heard about a game named Eve Online.

Miners will once again Make New Eden Great Again.


I will buy the most expensive paintings, kuban cigars and wine there is. I will also hold party for managers in CCP headquarters every night.

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I´d buy EVERY SINGLE ITEM ON THE MARKET and EVERY CONTRACT…and therefore restart EvE… Welcome to EVE Classic

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Buy up everything I can.

Delete character.

–Gadget would be amused

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Even if he managed to somehow turn the plex into isk (impossible, the demand for plex is finite, and he stated he has an infinity supply), this would just render isk worthless.

Anyone remember the original Diablo II? I played it my student days, over 20 years ago. Gold farmers first supplied the economy with “infinite” gold, to the point where gold became so worthless, the economy switched to a barter economy (trade one high value item for another).

Then the gold farmers switched to exploiting various item duping bugs to flood the economy with high value items (Stone of Jordan mostly). These exploits generally involved creating massive amounts of lag in order to create some form of database errors that allowed rare items to be duplicated. This killed the game.

As an aside: in games, a small amount of people having “infinite” money is really bad for the economy, I wonder if this holds IRL as well.

You would not play this game or even discuss this game if you would have INFINITE money. You would be busy living la vida loca.

You would get sexy girls, as many as you like, and you would do with them what people do in porn movies, you would get your own cooks that would cook for your special needs, you would get special vehicles with drivers and pilots, a great net of apartaments around the world, you would be going to cassinos to give enormous tips to people working there. You would have your private state on an island with army and space industry.

El Comandante Dinero.

bops you over the head with Warren Buffet’s (co-authored) overpriced book “The intelligent Investor”

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Besides, for all of you Havard mathematicians out there, the point isn’t how to convert infinite PLEX to ISK, it’s just a narrative element to tell you that you have infinite money. Just kick back and have fun already, damn it.

Speaking of fun, I’m really digging some of these ideas in this thread. Particular the party bus freighter loaded with plex and on autopilot has me cracking up, I know that once I get filthy rich, I’ll have a blast throwing New Eden into chaos by doing exactly that!

With irresponsible regards
-James Fuchs

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Donate all the PLEX to PLEX For Good.


I would hire a bunch of guys to blow up Eve’s server room and its massively useless carbon footprint.

RIP Eve.


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PLEX isn’t really the problem…as without skill injectors there’s really nowhere for it to go. Without the T2 Large Disintegrator skills I’ll have to fly a T1 Leshak for another 19 days…as I’m not prepared to spend 2bn ISK on injectors to bypass that time. In fact those 19 days of training will themselves have to wait…as the skills queue is not even on this char at the moment.

Dude, I’d just buy CCP…

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I’d hire opposing groups to wage wars with each other for my amusement. Of course they wouldn’t know it was me.

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Why would I change Eve?
PLEX 2 or 3 accounts, buy a bunch of injectors and ships and do w/e I want.

Do I actually have infinite money now?

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With rich regards
-James Fuchs

How about forgetting that EVE and computers and games, and go live in one of those islands in the Pacific?
Forget the past, do not worry about the future, just live today
Live slowly, live nicely