ZKill have been kneecapping EVE for far too long (some evidence)

if a corp cares more about your zkill then how you can help them I wouldn’t join. On the other hand zkill has a lot of funny kills. I really don’t get so self conscious about my zkill stats personally. People are worth a lot more then just a zkill history.


You should record yourself and play it back.


I will never understand the idea that a competitive game would somehow be better and involve more risk taking if only someone would get rid of the score board.

My killboard sucks btw, big deal.


Is EVE “a competitive game” or does the landscape just allow for competition? It seems the game is also cooperative; we have had problems with “blue doughnuts” for a long time.

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It was 5 to one, I just jumped through a wormhole that collapsed…

they all fled because they thought I might take at least one of them down with me and none of them wanted to risk being “the one”.


As far as I know EVE Echoes has no killboard. You’re welcome.

You, sir or madam, are pvping the right way. Mad props to you.

Very true and many are hiding there kill mails these days , it makes them harder to track especially if no player was fighting back .

Days before zkill I remember using locator agents much more .

Before zkillboard was Battleclinic.

Watchlist changes are what made locators less useful and used far less.


That’s right I’d forgotten battleclinic