Zombie Apocalypse

So…I have a question. Say the zombie apocalypse or some other world ending catastrophe happens. What are CCPs policies to have an ‘offline/local’ game available for download at that time so the few that do survive will still be able to play :smiley:?




You know something we don’t? or just that much of a Doomsday prepper?

I am pretty certain that if the Zombie Apocalypse happens you will have much bigger problems to worry about than Serious Internet Spaceships.

You know… like procuring untainted food, barricading your bunker, finding the last Twinkies ever made, and eliminating interlopers that try to take said food, bunker, and twinkies… or your succulent flesh (neckbeard or no).

I, for one, will be hijacking a yacht from my local marina with plenty of fishing gear and equipment to desalinate water.

edit: and rum. Can’t forget about rum!


ccp are based in iceland … iceland.
their policy on apocalypses is the same as their policy for fecking Tuesday.


This. CCP is already miles ahead of you. Iceland is the zombie preparation plan.
OP better hopes his homecountry has a backup plan to keep services running when the zombie apocalyps hits, because EvE will survive in iceland, it’s the rest of the world that has to worry.

Yeah, I think CCP knows what will happen if Eve Online players can’t jack even during the Apocalypse.

We would show up on CCP’s doorstep and demand that they return service to the gamers.

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We’ll also be fine in Britain, everyone knows a nice hot cup of tea can help solve all known problems.

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Or whatever you’re drinking down at the Winchester.

–Gadget will order a Molotov


Indeed, there’s very little a cricket bat around the head can’t sort out.

To be Fair the ranking in terms of not giving a feck about something like this goes
Iceland - Ireland - Britain.

Edit : in this part of the world anyway.

I think electricity would be your biggest problem prior to an offline version of Spreadsheets in Space.

If Avalon Hill can do this…

–Cardboard Gadget

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Electricity will not be a problem Iceland and the UK are currently working on the problem of the zombie apocalypse https://eandt.theiet.org/content/articles/2017/04/electricity-produced-from-magma-could-revitalise-uk-iceland-power-cable-project/ The zombies won’t stand a chance and CCP can keep on giving us serious internetz spaceships.

Absolutely not, especially after we’ve given them a good stiff talking too.

‘Now look, all this brain eating just isn’t on…’ :zombiesadshuffle:

Only plan I think they would have for that occasion is Hilmar hops into viking boat with the rest of CCP devs and they sail to Valhalla.


I always thought one had to die honorably in glorious battle to be admitted to Valhalla.

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can you imagine being the guy at the door?

“i was bait i swear,
just await a minuet and my mates will be along to tell you”