2 EVE Servers

Physics won’t ever allow dimensional jumps from one universe to another. How ever I’ll follow along.

I’m going to jump to the carebear server and create the largest particle accelerator. One on a galactic scale. I’m gonna fire it up and jump back just before the particles impact. It will create a cascade event spawning a singularity so huge the black hole that is birthed from it will suck up the whole universe and all the carebears that inhabit it.

Solves your problems and those who still dwell in the original universe.
Sounds fun doesn’t it?

Serious though. I indulged for one minute until you started talking about moving assets between the two. This server has enough problems with assets and how they are acquired and accrue.

/not signed

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EVE has problems. This would exacerbate them.

Regarding the b4r situation, yeah, it’s important, but if attempting to address it bankrupts the company, then it’s not the company’s responsibility, except maybe to add trigger warnings to the login screen. Beyond that, it would need to be the individual’s responsibility to find something else to do.

Maybe give SISI a try? There’s ALWAYS something else to do. Other video games, arts and crafts, exercise, indulge vices. If EVE stops being fun, no one’s under any obligation to keep playing, or to keep playing the same way.

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even when i am all for making eve more friendly to usual causual wow-mind players, splitting server and its playerbase in two is horrible idea

It is a problem and there should be serious steps to solve it.
No middleways (as splitting onto 2 servers).

The problem with chaotic high-secs must be solved.
But there is also a problem of small community which can be damaged by splitting.

So there just need make special twiks on current mechanics: boost CONCORD, rise consequences for attacking players (huge ss drop, restricting access to 0,8-1,0 systems). That may be enough and would fix current situation.

I’m support idea of creating normal gameplay but i can’t support server splitting.

Eve already has a place you can play all day in perfect safety - it’s called Singularity - non consensual PVP is banned. You can mine, run missions, build Citadels for 100 ISK, whatever you want. You even get early access to all the new features!

You will also die of boredom unless you are participating in a mass test or have some corp mates with you to test fits or practice maneuvers.

Sandboxes don’t have levels - raw recruits and grizzled veterans play together - by design. The learning curve is steep but flying around highsec is safer than going for a walk in most large cities once you understand the basics. If someone shoots you - convo them and ask what you did wrong. Odds are, they’ll teach you and replace your ship.


No, I think we’re back to “if you don’t find it fun, do something else” territory. If you’re getting yourself killed just walking around highsec, maybe you should try being better at the game? A game can’t be designed around its worst player. A game where you can’t lose is called a puzzle. Maybe you should take up puzzles instead?

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The “problem” with getting new blood for New Eden is this:

A nooby joins EVE and wants to get what is advertised:

  • join Titan online today and make zee 50000000000 member fight

The newbie then opens the market and sees the following:

  • Hmm… skillbooks… hmm titan… 450days… and 5 billion??? lolwutomgwft or
  • The newbie enters EVE and buys his first cruiser for only 60 million isk he doesn’t have anymore and gets blown up
  • Newbie realizes, EVE too expensive - thanks to you!

Did you know, back in the day the world provided and it was good. You needed less time to do some pve to buy or replace a boat you want or may have lost.

The came the Ferengi alliance and created Feregi Nar’. Zee end.

Is not your idea what occurs in Elite Dangerous…

and that game is really not that much fun…


Oh this old chestnut :slight_smile: Haven’t seen one of these in many a month.



maybe you want to travel to Null zone

we have tons of space here. You just need to learn how to deal with diplomacy rather than depend on firepower to obtain land

Opening Posts like these are the reason we need a :-1: button too not just the politically correct :heart: button. :stuck_out_tongue:

(At least for thread starter posts.)

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That would end up with only one server: the carebear server.

Miners/ratters would move to that server. Most PvPers in EVE are looking for kills, not fights, so they would get frustrated at a sudden lack of easy targets, and would end up moving to other games.

OP, door is in this direction ----->

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I remember back when eve was pushing hard for ads, I have a pick probably 1 one of my externals that needs surgery thanks to my countries power.

shows a missile and than says something like “an arrow with a 28 megaton warhead, invite your favorite hunter”

They’ve broken the very first rule of EVE. They should adapt to the rules. If they don’t like the fact, they can switch to literally any other game as no other game has such rules.


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And it was spoken atop the mountains for all to hear…

Let them eat cake, wait that wasnt the quote.

Let them play Star Citizen. SC devs have made it clear that their game is mostly a pve game, basically like you are asking for EVE to add in this post.

p.s. your comment that SC is never coming out is anticipated and so…:weary:

In the extremely unlikely event of a 2nd server, I’d like one with:

-no skill extractors/injectors
-no PLEX

we already have 3 servers

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