3 Thing you would like to see changed in Eve Online

Content? What type of content?

You just named other market hubs so I’m confused.

Jita ain’t exactly new LOL.

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Sounds good but easy to get around. And some people play with family, that would suck for them.

Wait, you’re saying that a family of three, are playing on the same account at the same time?


How does that work?

No, I am saying a family of 3 may login from the same external IP address.

Sounds like a personal problem.

Sometimes even their dog might join them on a fourth account. :dog:

I have two players from Brazil who are playing on my multiplayer server and despite their IP wasn’t same when they started, week ago it changed and they now share same IP. They are apparently living in same town and have same provider who is probably running low on public IPs.

And 3 other players claiming they play with brother/girlfriend from same IP, well I had to give them exception anyway. But they are under surveillance.

There are always exceptions. And I really don’t care.

One of the things I would change in EvE, is no alt accounts. Sorry multi-family shared server people. Figure out a way to get a unique IP address if you want to play.

Can only dream bro.

I’d love to go back to the days of peeps only having one account LOL.


Even better. Single character per unique player. Just like in these LitRPGs book games :wink:

That seems to be a bit unfair, but then since it is abused, how do you filter it to make it fair? You can’t and since were stuck with it… Better ideas are needed.

I never said it was fair. Or friendly. And I’m not an network IT guy and/or hardware engineer/ software engineer. I’d hire those people to figure out a better solution that nixes the bot abusers and multi-boxers and have them implement it.

  1. Remove the ability to citadel spam. Citadels were meant to replace the old POS system. The old POS system was limited by how many moons are in a system. Citadels have no limit. Now they’re a problem. shocked pikachu face
  2. Change citadel tethering to active only after undock.
  3. Make null sec less static, give people a reason to move around and punish those who extort a system or region for to long. CCP has not done enough in this regard. This is why null sec is mind numbingly boring.
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I think that is a very good idea, CCP could even make whole playstyle around it. With living out of it and even roaming bands searching for abandoned ones to “salvage” or “rescue” stuff from it, like exotic dancers.

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Maybe they could be hackable (but take a very long time to do so)?

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They should not be hackable, they should not be possible to destroy without a timer, and agression would have to make agressor a suspect. So I think It would have to function like mobile depots for most part, but the reinforcement would have to be 7 days at least, and structure intermediate from mobile depots to citadels would need some basic resources to be placed, not recoverable.

Was asking because of the abandoned ones to “salvage” or “rescue” stuff from it part in your post, not sure how else you planned this to be done unless you meant destroy it and hope for a loot drop.

If it works like a mobile depot one could reinforce it and once it’s reinforcement period is done one could hack it to grab the stuff in it. Both reinforcing it and hacking should bring a suspect timer.

So wasn’t suggesting it being hackable before it becomes possible to destroy it. Not sure what your intent was just thought an alternative to explode it could be a good addition with its own risk because as the hacking would take a long time if one fails to succeed in hacking it a couple times the shield would recharge enough for it to become unhackable at which point it would need to re reinforced again.

(The same way how mobile depots work as if you do not destroy them in time after the reinforcement period then they slowly recharge their shields up to the point they regain their ability to reinforce themselves).

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I’ve always thought hacking should be something people can use to interact with other players.

Use hacking to dock at an upwell you don’t have access to. To slip into an un-manned poss as a one off. To loot an MTU.

That sort of thing.

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I imagine when they will be abandoned by players, you can destroy them after reinforcement, like with abandoned mobile depots. Loot would drop 100%, everything.

It would not be very much diffeent from Mobile depot, but could accept maybe some basic manufacturing (no ships), compression, refining and station services like insurance, cloning and refitting, depending on modules fitted. These modules would be small size modules, and the structure would have only few fitting slots in medium and low, no high slots and no rigs. Functioning would of course need resources.

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Really the best way to fight multiboxers is to make the game less friendly to being semi-afk. Make mining/pve more hands on and remove the ability to efficiently multibox.

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