3 Thing you would like to see changed in Eve Online

Why are you trying to derail the conversation?

The thread is:

What three things would you change in EvE.

Nothing about how to fix, or justify the changes.

Thank you

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I am aware of the thread’s topic. I literally made it. 1 of your 6 suggestions was to remove multiboxers. Then threw some silly idea of basing it on IP, that would not work. I was just trying to help you with your idea. Just trying to help you out. Don’t get so butthurt.


Only because you asked for it. Otherwise I wouldn’t have shared it.

Don’t ask for things if you don’t want to hear the answer to it.

Plus I think your solution is both terrible and unhelpful. I didn’t ask for help either.

Netflix streaming on billboards.
Auto trade between planets.
Offline mode.


But you got it anyway. You are welcome!

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It’s not help, even if you think it is. That’s very narcissistic thinking.

Tether needs to be less powerful. Remove repair from it.

No keepstars in highsec

Revert industry changes or readd resources to null.