3 Thing you would like to see changed in Eve Online

Why are you trying to derail the conversation?

The thread is:

What three things would you change in EvE.

Nothing about how to fix, or justify the changes.

Thank you

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I am aware of the thread’s topic. I literally made it. 1 of your 6 suggestions was to remove multiboxers. Then threw some silly idea of basing it on IP, that would not work. I was just trying to help you with your idea. Just trying to help you out. Don’t get so butthurt.


Only because you asked for it. Otherwise I wouldn’t have shared it.

Don’t ask for things if you don’t want to hear the answer to it.

Plus I think your solution is both terrible and unhelpful. I didn’t ask for help either.

Netflix streaming on billboards.
Auto trade between planets.
Offline mode.


But you got it anyway. You are welcome!

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It’s not help, even if you think it is. That’s very narcissistic thinking.

Tether needs to be less powerful. Remove repair from it.

No keepstars in highsec

Revert industry changes or readd resources to null.

But I can see his point,

it’s not ccp doing any of this it’s players, so to have any manufacturing in high you need a large group, just like null alliance have. If a solo player went to null and set up a manufacturing structure the result be the same, it would die, I’ve always said eve is people power with isk on top, with those to things you can do anything.

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Anyway the thing I would like changed the most is the war dec sys, also to know when a bounty sys is coming back.

Btw what happened to the isk on the old bounty system

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But you dont, thats the point.


Well you do because they get pop if you don’t

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Only if you think knowing a large group who can help you if you are in trouble and being in a large group are the same thing.

Also only if you have a structure.

But Im telling you that I have in the past done industry solo in a structure in High sec and currently know at lease one person who does and neither of us are in anything but a solo corp.

Its entirely possible, but most people dont want to put the effort in.

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I thought industry in high sec required access to Upwells to research/invent the blueprints? Which would mean reliance on a structure that could be taken down half way through your jobs wasting your isk.

I was researching the blueprints for a few T1 modules and hulls in an upwell in Arnon which got shut down and I had to cancel my jobs and waste the isk or risk losing my blueprints and materials. I can only imagine how much waste that would be scaled to if someone tried to build T2 BC/BS.

I would certainly be inclined to join a corp where I would know the structure was going to be around for the duration of the job if I was going to build anything complex or expensive in HS.

Technically no, but in the hyperbolic world of the forum where anything sub-optimal is “useless” lets just assume this is true.

We are talking about owner/operators here though, not using other people’s structures.

I have no idea why anyone would want to build T2s in HS.

Again though we are talkign about soloists who, in worst case scenarios, have allies they can ask for help if a Wardec is actually real.

Most Wardecs are not actually real in my experience, they are just cheesy attempts to get a response, from extortion to tears.

Oh and everyone who runs a solo structure and put a core in their structure is a sucker.

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My experience of wardecs is they are just a way for high sec corps to pay for pvp content. An alternative to ganking. If you have structures you get decked, they don’t necessarily come for your structures, they are just looking to catch you flying something through HS.

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In the ten+ years Ive played EvE, only around 10% or so of Wardecs I received ever were from people who were wanting to shoot anything.

100% of the war decks I’ve received are from professional wardeckers like black flag and every time someone welps something stupid in HS because they weren’t paying attention. Time before last it was a freighter.

So you are telling me you regularly receive live decs, and your corp members actualyl fly frieghters during Decs?

Do you think that maybe the two might be connected?

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I wouldn’t use the word regularly. If I’m in a corp with structures, sooner or later there will be a dec.

That’s the point, they are looking for content. If people lose ■■■■ then they will extend the dec or have you on a list to dec again.