A Diplomat's Response to Panic

Well, if you have one available, please do share.

There are plenty academic-minded individuals and at least one organization that would be most interested in any productions about the issue (other than the ones they produce of course, like the Triglavian Primer).

So please, do tell more about this report.

“There was an ac-cademic article that a group of researchers investigated the wellf-fare of the residents in a trig owned space and the trigs were giving the residents bioadap-p-ptive augmentations so they can survive within a liminal system though some were being forced into evac by Edencom while many wanted to stay as the journ-nal reported… I can’t remember the name right now… But I do pl-lan on linking and or announcing it her-r-re when found.”

Speaking as a parent, I suspect that is exactly what happened.


Ah, yes, so generous. ‘Here! We know we’ve made your home an unliveable hellscape, but we’ll offer you a choice! Either you can leave and hope we don’t kill you (no promises!) or you can become something not human in order to survive the conditions we forced upon you! Totally voluntary!’

Lighting someone on fire and then offering to sell them burn cream if they’re lucky enough to survive it isn’t exactly an endearing move.

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Okay let me stop you for a second

That doesn’t make it right… I keep talking to you Kybernuats and yall folk keep referring to this as a point as to why the Trigs are actually benevolent and care for people. Yet, conveniently ignore why it is they need bioadpative augmentations to begin with, ignoring the natural disaster caused by the Tirglavians in the first place.

Also, I’m about to drop some news that may surprise you, but not everyone in this cluster wants to augment themselves. Some people are into that ■■■■, and that’s their choice - But not everyone wants to augment their bodies, more so with strange alien tech supplied to by Invaders who are occupying their homeworld.

EDENCOM may force these people to evac, but the trigs are basically forcing people to hand themselves to their tech if they don’t want to die from the disaster they caused. This is just a band-aid for the massive Boo-Boo the trigs inflicted onto every civilian down there. This isn’t a sign to me that they give a ■■■■ about these people, but more so it might be more beneficial to keep alive to use as canon fodder or a workforce in their new region


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