A Gift to the Empire, and The Nature of the War

What is even left to fight over in the CEWPMA? warzone ? Is the situation on Floseswin the future of inhabited planets in the conflict area ? A bunch of blasted worlds with nothing remaining of value, where the surface is covered in active and ruined fortifications, for fighting an endless war for little or no gain, with each side occasionally receiving resupply and reinforcements depending on space control ?

What can you say to the angry little amarrians? I mean nothing… just sit back and laugh… They are all ready counting the days.

This new generation of slaver zealot has no sense of proportion, class or humor apparently. At least with the old guard like Newelle you could have a rational discussion with, agree to disagree and move on.

Sighs, shakes her head sadly and then closes the feed

On the contrary, this older generation of victimized slave has no sense of organization, finesse, or strategy. At least the old guard like jebi would undock to face his foe as opposed to broadcasting meek defiance from the safety of high security space.

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You obviously know nothing of me or my alliance. Go ask your betters like Newelle or look it up before you talk crap, youngling.

Tribal Liberation Force Blade Commander Anabella Rella,
Director, Gradient
Electus Matari

To inform all, Electus Matari are a terrorist band that is marginally more likeable than Ushra’khan, about similarly inept at combat, and less brave.

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I have disassembled fleets fielded by your alliance on many occasions. I do not know much of you, specifically - probably because you do not do much outside the safety of high security space. However, a brief inspection of your pilot records confirm that you have achieved 6% of the kills I have, in a record that spans about twice as many years.

I know you have some titles but you must forgive me, who are you again?

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Do you have exceptional qualities that counterbalance your barely literate convulsions, or are Gradient Directors not required as a matter of course to be able to articulate themselves clearly?

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Who are you?

A humble servant of my people, naturally.

Pretty sure we are differently inept.


Welcome to Flawed Metrics. For example, a quick perusal of our combat records shows you’ve destroyed more than 4x as many ships as I have, in a little more than half the time in space.

It doesn’t, however, show the tens of thousands of ships I’ve kept from dying in over 50,000 hours of fleet combat, because the vast majority of the time, I only show on a killboard when my logistics ship dies. Given both of your combat records also show logistics use, it’s immediately apparent that neither of them can provide an accurate display of your activity.

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To be fair, pretty sure Mikal’s been way more active in combat than Anabella, especially recent years.

Not that that is either here or there regarding what they were saying. Much lower levels of experience than either’s can be enough for an informed opinion, if there’s a functional brain present.

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True enough. My point was more just that you can’t actually get a reliable indicator of combat experience just by looking at killboards. They tell rather less than even half the tale.


You point out aspects of our relative activities that are not adequately captured in the official record, and conclude that the records are therefore of no use.

I find that small beam lasers will not always track fleeing minmatar frigates with aruroa crystals loaded. I suppose this apparent difficulty in anticipating and tracking their desperate movements means that I should disable completely my trajectory analysis algorithms. After all, if something isn’t 100% predictive, it’s 0% useful.

Smarm aside, if your pilots talked less and fought more, your other metrics (zero systems held, zero citadels / engineering structures held / zero competent enlisted alliances) might also be better.


Remember those halcyon days when this thread was about the celebration of a great feat by the forces of the 24th Imperial Crusade?

I miss those days.


There is actual independent evidence of that, let me dig up the link.


My pilots manage to do both at the same time. But you seem to be assuming I’m part of MinMil.

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Arrendis here is part of Goonswarm, a terrorist nullsec alliance that is marginally more leader-worshipping than TEST, about as inept at not siding with Triglavians, and less honest.