A Thread For Wild Theories


Depending on your perspective, we are either currently enduring an unusually active period for attacks and invasions, or the entire cluster is burning down around us.

Whichever you think, this might be a good time to reflect on an important question: Why is this all happening?

None of this jumped at us out of thin air, you know. CONCORD appears to have expected, or at least anticipated, the attacks currently happening in Semiki. And Blood Raider fleets have been popping up in places they shouldn’t be for months, at least. And the Triglavian tease has been dangling in front of us for even longer.

Are these things connected? How? What are the reasons for them? I want to hear your wildest theories. Is CONCORD incompetent or complicit? Is someone pulling the strings behind the Blood Raiders and Sansha? Was there really a Class AB event in Semiki because of one experiment? Does pineapple belong on pizza?

Share your thoughts and suspicions. Nonsense and unsupported theories are strongly encouraged.


Angry CONCORD guy.





No. It’s treason.


Smitty is… correct. As much as I hate to admit it.



Don’t know.

Don’t know.

I’m indifferent.

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Well, we’re all aware by now that SOMETHING occurred in Semiki. It brought Sansha, Triglavians, and Drifters alike to one citadel. Related to that experiment or not, it didn’t recur today, but it happened.

A wild wild theory

Too wild for the unprepared
Really wild

Nauplius’s faffing about has actually brought about the beginning of the End Times.


Pineapple on a pizza? Heresy!

As to the rest, I have no idea. My feeling is that CONCORD is just incompetent. Never attribute malice when incompetence is way more prevalent, you know, Occam’s Razor and all.


Does birchpotato belong on Melisma’s shoulders?

what does this even mean

Pineapple on pizza… not really trad.

I can of course only speak for what I am familiar with but personally what keeps me awake at night right now is the question of who exactly instigated the Elder Fleet and the coup, how did they get past CONCORD exactly, and what would that fleet’s purpose have been had the Starkmanir isncident forced hands. What is its purpose now? Is it really inability to defend Matar that we are seeing, or is it simply disinterest? Have there been any of these new attacks in the Wildlands?

How exactly did Seykal get hold of and keep Orlon Zashev? Why the remarkably slow speed of RJD? Why the massive interest by multiple Amarr parties to get hold of him? Why has there been no word since? Why did the Blooder attacks escalate and move to tribal space after his capture? Have there been any more in the Empire space proper since then?


Birchpotatoes are wilder than pineapples.


Omir and Kuvakei each saw what was going on and decided ‘this is a good time to make a move’. That they happened to do it at the same time is probably mostly just a coincidence reflecting mobilization times.

Some people just want to watch the cluster burn. And others just want Aldrith to stop whining about it.


Collectively? No. That’d be stupid.

No, but Drust is a hyper-hysterical drama llama.

If it’s a white pie, sure. No sauce. And only with ham as well. Never by itself or with anything else. And fold the pizza over itself to hold everything in. You know, so it’s more of a pizza-sandwich. And don’t call it a pizza, it’s a sandwich now.

Under those circumstances, yes, pineapple belongs on a pizza as long as by ‘pizza’ you mean ‘a thing that’s not a pizza’.

Also, the Guristas are behind pineapple on pizzas.

That would be Elise Randolph.

See ‘incompetence’ above.


Making the Thukker feel like they’re not complete wastes of oxygen.

CONCORD has infiltrated the RSS and spread their incompetence.

Yes, but all they killed were Thukkers, so not even the Thukkers care.

A very large mousetrap.

They were in shock that the Thukkers could’ve done something right.

Because he alone is carrying the secret text of an unreleased book of Scripture handed to him by god itself, and they all want to edit it to make their own part sound important.

The whole thing is written on gold plates and they can’t translate it.

Because Chakaid thinks this is subtle.

Of course not. Chakaid doesn’t need everyone distracted again just yet.

I like pineapple on pizzas.


You are my only friend.

Edit: Wow, the forum decided my quoting of Utari was excessive and forcibly deleted it. I feel Told.


This question is what spurs my recurring nightmares.

I feel like it’s important, but I’m never sure whether that’s just a sense of my own inflated ego or maybe my own hurt/fear. And even if it is objectively important, I don’t know where to start in finding the answer.

It seems to do that if you quote the post immediately above.

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These are the beginning of the End Times, but not because of my “faffing”, whatever that means. God has seen our fornication and abolitionism and has decided, “Enough!” He pours out his Wrath upon us for our sins.

If that would be true, Mr. Nauplius, he’d pour it only on Gallente Federation.

It means she’s likening all of your utterly nonsensical attempts to kill the Minmatar people to just sitting around masturbating.