A Thread For Wild Theories

no, that’s spaff.

faffing just means generally ineffectual activity.

Like, if you told 100 of your lower-ranked corpmates that you want a 100 ship fleet assembled in one hour, and then the designated time arrives, and nothing has been done to organise that, then you could say “you’ve done nothing but waste time faffing about!”

This poorly executed, transparent attempt at a cover-up only confirms my wild theory that you did, in fact, mean masturbating.

no, that’s not how grammar works.

faffing, is always used as “faffing about” or “faffing around”. or in the past tense “faffed around” or “faffed about”.

you wouldn’t use “masturbating around” in a sentence, it literally makes no sense to do so.

therefore, your theory is bad and you should feel bad.

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Why? Because THE MAN says so?? Trying to suppress alternative grammar? Napkins can go jackin’ about if he wants, and you can’t tell me ‘jacking’ isn’t masturbation. This just more evidence of your pathetic cover-up!


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Aaaaand GO!!


Angels are everywhere.

Once they’ve finished attuning empire space by repeated invasions, the Triglavians are going to drag all of highsec into the Abyss.

Can we speed this up any?

Well … they do seem to be doing a lot of testing and messing around. Maybe if you let the Drifters establish a bunch of hives in Delve they’d speed up their timetable?

The Drifters aren’t doing anything in Delve, and didn’t show any signs of ‘establishing hives’ for the few days that they were.

Maybe they’re planning a surprise party

Of course not. You’re still there.

This is possible. We are living in the beginning of the End Times, and in the End Times, all of mortal creation is going to be made a place of pain and torment as it is destroyed, somewhat like Hell — or like the Abyss. Watch for the True Ark, for within it (and perhaps nowhere else) salvation is carried.

They’re not doing anything anywhere in nullsec.

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