Abandoned ships = space junk = we need a solution

And with Brisc gone, there will truly be no representation.

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Why on earth would you ask questions to the players?? Is that our job?

He doesn’t bother me. Why would he bother me??

I’m just surprised he’s asking questions to the players instead of replying with info he would have as a CSM.

We’re wondering why it would be such a big deal to be able to shoot empty ships and he replies with questions. It’s BS.

Of course it is. Why are you here wasting my time with this idiocy? You don’t want to discuss the subject, don’t post.

What info am I supposed to have? An explanation as to why CCP decided to do things a certain way 20 years ago? I’m not the one asking for a change to the rules - OP is. If he wants this, at the very least he can help me craft an argument I can take to them to explain it.

I think you can pretty much guarantee I’m not going to help you, if this is the attitude I get when discussing the subject.

There will be representation ofc, nullsec overlords will have their puppets as usual so they will be represetned. :stuck_out_tongue: :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

I want to discuss any subject about EVE but obviously it won’t be with you because you have no respect for anybody but yourself and your clique.

I don’t need help from you. Matter of fact, since you have no answers and cop such an attitude I might as well block you.
Have a good day.

What does this even mean? What clique?

I am not the one who came here telling someone else how to do their job, kid.

I’m the only one who comes here and talks to anyone, and I’m the bad guy with these people because I had the audacity to ask a question.

Basically the World Economic Forum of Eve.

It is called the Socratic Method. Look it up.

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I don’t care what it’s called.
A players’ representative to CCP ought to know better than to play sharades with players who want to know what the deal is with the interdiction to blow up abandoned ships.
His attitude reflects CCP’s attitude towards the players: pay and shut up.
It’s a disgrace.

I have never seen anybody get annoyed about this before.


Again, god forbid I ask a question of somebody.

I don’t know what the reason for them not allowing this, and I would like to think that somebody out there may have a better understanding.

My attitude reflects my general exasperation that after four years of being a player rep, I still have to deal with this kind of ■■■■.


The much more interesting question is: what does the game do if the owner is a legitimate war target or a criminal? Does the game know who the owner of the ship is and behave accordingly? Or is this just something that is stupidly hard coded into the Concord programming.

Get annoyed about what? Derelict spaceships? His crappy attitude or the resulting disgrace?

Love to see a capture with that massive abandoned ships generating lag enough for open a nonsense thread like this.

Yes and yes.

  • If the owner is a suspect you can shoot his stuff without CONCORD.
  • Same if you have a limited engagement (and yes your limited engagement extends or if first time shooting is created with the individual if you shoot their abandoned ship if I recall correctly though not 100% but not so if you shoot their deployable that I am absolutely sure about based on personal experience).
  • No personal experience but based on the above same with war targets.
  • Based on the above same if the guy is a criminal, though not sure if CONCORD actually shows up and kills the abandoned ship if he gets a criminal flag elsewhere but my assumption is yes CONCORD pops them too not just the currently boarded ship, though no confirmation so not 100% on this either.

But overall the ship’s owner is recognized as if you board an abandoned ship then leave it you can pop it as it now belongs to you.


mind you this dude is in my corp

Jeez… stay focused and friendly. This is not about Brisc Rubal, when he leaves CSM, how he is doing after that, who is in what corp, whether Minmatars brush their teeth, or which hedge trimmer is best.

@Brisc_Rubal Why CCP implemented it that way back 18+ years ago, you don’t have to ask me, you have to ask CCP. I’m just suggesting a change that really isn’t hard to implement and doesn’t require massive DEV resources. And if you can improve the game with this little thing, then why the hell not? Or do ideas always have to have a certain scale or minimum size? Or are we playing the game of “it’s always been this way, so let’s keep it that way”? Otherwise there would never be any progress.

The point is, I’m saying:
Abandoned and derelict corvette and shuttle sized ships in highsec should be shootable without Concord or station or gate gun intervention. This improves the game a little bit and doesn’t hurt anyone.


Then quit. No one is forcing you to deal with anything. It was your choice to run for CSM so take your role seriously or quit.
Your crappy attitude is unbecoming of CSM. And looking at your post history it’s not the first time you act like a jerk towards players.
You are an embarrassment to CCP and the CSM.

If speaking my mind is a problem for your image you can kick me out. Plenty of other corporations out there.

no just i have reputation to call csm to ideas i have so this is just a pass of the tourch at least in the forms as i’m doing this all the time in the discord