Access to T-Space fromK-Space

There’s a massive issue atm with access into Trig Space (T-Space) from known space (k-space), at the moment only access is by worm hole in or filament.

I’m surprised CCP hasn’t allowed for minor victories access into T-Space.

Players would still require the minimum standings to pass through into T-Space border systems, and those you +3.00 Trig standing would be able to travel up the chain.

This would help with the issues of finding rare wormholes in and the massively over priced filament prices.

This is meant to be new content to all players, yet isn’t due to the limitations of access into T-Space, someone needs to ask CCP about the possibility of using minor victory systems as the method into border systems.

This would make minor victory systems a conflict systems and a source of standing gains for those without the minimum required to enter T-Space.

Personally would keep the 50/50 standing gain and lose for Trig and Edencon in these systems, and add a pure Edencom LP stores for those wanting to go Edencom to purchase Edencom items.

Ideally would love the see both minor victory systems and Edencom (can’t remember the name ATM for their minor victory systems) systems as faction warfare systems, where it Trig hold the system it opens up conduits into T-Space border systems, and if Edencom hold the system it kills these T-Space conduits access points.

This would add a massive new dynamic conflict like what we saw in the last stage of the event, and allow for good Trig/Edencom faction warfare.
Trig players fighting to gain more access points into and out of T-Space and Edencom player to opposite.

Look forward to hearing those thoughts on this.

There is the possibility of adding to the above a proving ground concept based on number of kills of edencom/trig, or use the faction warfare reward system tied into the proving ground rewards.

There are a number of possible things that could be added to the above OP.

So reliable standings based access…
Can’t see how super highways would cause an issue…

They are called “Edencom minor victories”. Liminal systems where Edencom won are called “Fortresses”.

You must understand though, we who played the Edencom side did not play it because we were not interested in this event and wanted to stop people from being part of it. We were your opponents in the game, but we were part of the goings-on. We don’t want to close access to Pochven - we want to keep on participating in Pochven.

So instead of content in Edencom victory systems (fortresses or minors) closing conduits to Pochven, how about they open an Edencom “raiding portal” - maybe one that only works for people with positive Edencom standings, if the trig ones are also standings locked.

That could be possible both as lore and player content.

Though the access would only be to that system due to the standing required to access the internal conduits.

But would cause enough content for both sides.

I could answer that at length but as I already wrote a wall of text about it…

All that said, though - because reasons, I’m pretty sure wormhole access as is is not working as intended since the patch that removed the fake statics.

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Add to that those raping the market with filament prices of 1bil and upwards.

The idea in op was to allow for a reliable path, but still require standings to leave border systems to internal systems.

The border systems and minor victory systems are more less the wildlands.

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