Alphas are basically just trial accounts

Change my mind.

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When they were new, CCP made it clear that Alphas were primarily a form of trial, rather than being intended as a form of “F2P”.

Clearly they are a bit of both, but it’s not a 50/50 split, or mostly F2P. Yet.


alphas should have never went past cruisers

Change my mind.


You get what you pay for. Change my mind


Alpha’s are CCP’s approach to demographic immigrant constructs, in a nutshell, with Jita as failed Ellis Island.

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Using big words does not hide the sophistry of your statement

And never should have gotten access to pirate ships… and VNI needs its drone bandwidth reduced from 125 to 100, imo.


Great plan. Like one less drone is gonna do it. All you’ve done, with that, is move their choice from VNI to Stratios.

Stratios is technically a pirate faction (amarr + galente) cruiser.

You may think they never should have gotten access to pirate ships, and you may think they should not be able to use a navy vexor.

Those are two separate nerfs you need to get done… Depending on the order in which CCP capitulates, if the VNI is gone, the answer is obvious.

Personally, if I were to set up botting as an alpha, I’d choose Arbitrators, but that’s just me.

a Stratios has only 100MBits …

well yes Alphas are Trail Accounts … you can play but not everything and its possible to change stuff

guess thats right … maybe battlecruisers but no battleships and no faction ships only the 4 main factions … no T2 stuff (weapons and other modules)


Well, i separated them.
And i have never said deny access to VNI (because that would imply denying access to all other navy/fleet issue ships that are “fine”), i said limit its drone bandwidth because it is too good for a cruiser to have full flight of 4x bonused (hp, damage, speed, tracking) heavy drones in general.

I see. You have a lot of faith in your vni. An arbitrator with a cap stable repper and reactive armor hardener will win, every time. Because it has more drones. No? The VNI is great, for pew-pew alpha, but not so great when the heat is on, I think?

I never ran it on the test server, and I have no time, since I’m going to bed in about 20 minutes, but I think…

Eliminate this alpha/omega bullsht and make it like it was! If you cant afford $15 a month then GTFO already!

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Alpha’s should pay half of the Sub, no freebies anymore.

Change my mind.

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I should close this thread for lack of content, change my mind.


CCP buffed alpha accounts specifically because “too many” of them (their words) were being converted to omega. And they wanted to increase the incentive for players to remain F2P instead. So, no … alphas are not basically just trial accounts.

If that is true, they obviously changed their minds later. The buff to allow the piloting of battleships by alpha was specifically to stop too many of those alpha pilots taking out subs.

That was certainly the recommendation of the CSM at the time … to support a buff but NOT to battleship level. At the time, CCP did “infer” this was a suck-it-and-see exercise ie they could reduce the level of buff at a later time? With the nerf to LvL 4 missions now, a further nerf to remove BS piloting “could” happen in the future? If … there was a good enough case (and also one that was supported by CSM?)?

You definitely should close this. CCP’s thinking on buffing alphas in order to retain them was well documented at the time. Yet it is completely ignored (or otherwise unknown?) on these forums. If ISD/CCP are not going to defend their own past actions, thereby starting a dialogue, then please just close these one-sided debates as they will otherwise just go nowhere.

Most of the things happening are completely unknown to most people on the forums.
Speaking out of your rear end has become the norm.

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I can relate to that.

Here’s an example. All Alpha characters should be identified as such, in-game. This would make them appealing targets to any hunters who need an excuse, or to all general misanthropes who don’t. Change my mind.

That’s not gonna happen because it’d expose them as second class citizens. While that might seem appealing to some, it’s not a good idea for historical reasons people would bring up pretty quickly.

And … this is EVE! Who needs an excuse anyway? :smiley: