Ambient sounds in station

I’m sick of them. They’re horrible and I wish I could disable them without disabling other sounds. I don’t even know what to describe the sounds as, it’s like someone dropping a wrench into a machine and some weird beeping sounds every few seconds, it’s insanely annoying and super obnoxious. And that’s on top of the awful text-to-speech messages that play constantly. It’s just obnoxious, I’m chilling in a station trying to do something and being bombarded by annoying sounds.
No idea how someone thought this was a good feature, it just made the game objectively worse.
Please help.


ESC, Audio, Advanced, Atmosphere

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Fly around low sec. Turn off audio or dc.

Problem solved….kind of lol.

Seems to be even a non insurgency issue. I was systems not in that when up and hitting issues.

Drilling Platforms are so loud sitting on the undock its like a spanner has been left in a cement mixer.

It’s like being in a shipyard with annoying announcements, publicity for Quafe, AIR Program and other radio-like commercials. It’s really annoying. Makes me happy to undock. And maybe that’s the point of it all.
And the station interior is plastered with lit-up advertisements, it all feels like corporations rule New Eden as well as the real world.
Bye-bye Immersion.

Yes, those sounds are really annoying.

Just play around with the Advanced Audio Settings, @Nira_Mangeiri has it right, you can tone down many things there, including in-Station background effects.