Anomic Missions STEALTH Buffed without any warning!

(ISD Fractal) #129

Just a reminder that posting private communication from CCP is not allowed on the forums and several posts have been removed as a result.

(J Connrad) #130

Aaaand down the memory hole it goes.

So, I will repeat my (deleted) statement:

Total B.S.

(Ploing) #131

lol, didnt read the post but i assume from the reactions that now the burner work as intended from scratch.

so why was CCP Fozzie so Proud to realese this?

even the agency isnt run properly. they love to create dumb shxt no ones need and go over to the next dumb shxt.

somewhere in the near future darth vader arrive and brings the force over iceland.

(Persephanie Mae) #133


The burner frigs Dramiel and others, were ALWAYS INTENDED to be like they are right now.

Either ccp was lazy, busy, or incompetent to develop them this way for years

(Ploing) #134

meanwhile fozzie sitting in his polaris frigate:

why are they complaining? burners are still too easy…

(J Connrad) #135

I read it - your assumption is spot on.

(guigui lechat) #136

tried base angel. no problem.

They did not even aggro my T1 hobs. I reached 25% armor with hardeners OL and guns OL I think, then stopped OL after two were dead and no issue.
my vigilant still holds.

made another one 15 min later (got the first tick just after I finished the second transport, made me ask some questions), this time they ate my gobs and flew left and right.

Can someone confirm if the agent angel is really harder? my fit is on the edge for faster kill, so if it tanks a little bit more that means I will lose it. Previously I just had 20% cap when I finish it.

(guigui lechat) #137

did the angel agent, just as hard as usual.

(Muffinmixer) #138

Well, keep in mind that the pirate frigate burners got their Rep Rate “fixed”, so they rep more per cycle now. However that doesn’t mean much if you go at them with a crazy OH’ing 400+ dps Daredevil or a 800+ dps Vigilant. They will just take approximately 1-2 extra gun cycles to die now.

The bigger problems are those fights that were already lengthy because you could barely break their tanks, like the Serpentis Agent and Blood Agent. Unless you step up your DPS/sustainability game with those, you’re in for a very long and risky fight.

Also, stuff like smartbombing battlecruisers for the Angel Base no longer have enough DPS to really break the rats.

(Knives Naibuzu) #139

So how many dps it need to take down serpentis agent?

Is that fit wont work any more?

[Enyo, Enyo]
Coreli A-Type Small Armor Repairer
Centii A-Type Kinetic Plating
Centii A-Type Thermal Plating
Magnetic Field Stabilizer II

Small Capacitor Booster II
Dread Guristas Stasis Webifier
Dread Guristas Stasis Webifier

150mm Railgun II
150mm Railgun II
150mm Railgun II
150mm Railgun II
Rocket Launcher II

Small Auxiliary Nano Pump I
Small Hybrid Burst Aerator II

Warrior II x1

Caldari Navy Antimatter Charge S x2000
Navy Cap Booster 200 x12
Nova Javelin Rocket x2658
Federation Navy Antimatter Charge S x923

(Muffinmixer) #140

With kinetic/thermal (both at 59% resist on armor for the Burner Daredevil) you need at least 159 dps to break-even with the Armor tank. Then you also need 6 kin DPS or 5 thm DPS to break the shield passive.

After you subtract break-even DPS you can apply whatever DPS you have left as overflow vs. the rat’s shield/armor/structure HP with resists to give you an approximate completion time, which you then compare with how long you can actually survive.

You can figure that out yourself though. Here’s the stats for the rat:

My advice right off the bat is to try to get Blasters with Null to apply to the rat, like the old Harpy fit.

(guigui lechat) #141

for serpentis agent I use hawk. kinda blinged fit but with correct fits you can do 250M/h so it is very interesting.

I calculate interest when you buy at SO and sell at BO for 1M LP (and the target corporation varies with time). if you take time to sell @jita you can do up to 500M/h (but then you need a dedicated alt).

(Softer ThanYouThink) #142

what is Bo and what is So ^^ ?

(Chan'aar) #143

Sell Order and Buy Order

(Softer ThanYouThink) #144

oh god im dumb, thank you

(Thewise XIII) #145

Might a Drake navy issued with 8 true sansha medium emp SB would still have a chance at breaking their tank?
Old Sacrilege fit used 6 sb and the Cyclone used 7 sb.

(Muffinmixer) #146

You can do that calculation yourself. The burner rat info is all up on

As far as I can tell, the rats now rep for roughly 30% more than before, but it’s hard to say since the previous data on chruker for their rep rate was the same as it is now, only now it’s actually the rep that’s encountered in-game thanks to the fix.

The SB battlecruisers were not exactly super fast at clearing the Angel Base before, I personally think adding 1-2 SBs to those fits isn’t going to make them nearly fast enough to clear the site to warrant use over the dual/triple-web Vigilant at best, or result in you running out of time and cap and dying horribly at worst.

(guigui lechat) #147

yesterday I made several agent angel, with no issue, and then one of them almost killed me.

I noticed there was an issue when, with one hardener OL and the other activated, I could not rep over his damage and heard the “armor critical” sound. I had to OL my second hardener and my rep to barely tank it.
also almost burnt out my guns, meaning he was tanking way better than usual - or maybe I had no luck at all.

I finished him when I heard “capacitor is empty” and my rep stopped working, was reaching hull. So most of the time it is ok, but here I got a buffed version.

(Glosamer Varr) #148

Hey guys,
Just came back to Eve from few months break and got stuck on the very first Burner mission. My very usual Jaguar tank fit vs Blood Cruor - guess what? No longer works. He can’t break my tank, I can’t break his (well TBH I can but insanely slow). After like 30 mins of misunderstanding and shooting out all of my ammo I warped out scratching my head and only then read the forums and realised what has happened. I tried to read info I could find but I still don’t figure out: what is the official CCP position on that? Was it an unintended change or what? That won’t get fixed? If not, it sucks big time.

(Persephanie Mae) #151

It seriously appears you dont have any idea what you are talking about.

GMs, Devs and petition responses have CONFIRMED that prior to August release they tried to “fix” the burners.

They had been having a “chanced-based repair rate” for 3 years.

They “were not at the intended development level”.

They then fixed it, but over-corrected it and buffed them too much.

Now they have re-fixed the 2nd bug and are working as originally intended but for whatever reason, were unable to achieve until last month.

So GMs and Devs and petition responses have confirmed all of this, admitted it, and literally said exactly this lol.

You clearly are too much of a fanboi to know what you are talking about. And just white knight blind