Apparel General Thread

My trust in the “Player Run Market” for Apparel-Items was shattered by CCP multiple times.

Remember the six different Outlaw Bundles. First there were versions for Guristas, Sasha’s and Blood Raiders, every version available as a male and a female version. These bundles were available in the NES-store for Amrum (yes, they were introduced a long time ago) and they had a good value in the player market (several hundred ISK). One day the versions for Guristas and Blood Raiders were flooded by CCP into the game, so that the owners of these versions suffered a loss of 99% of value. Only the Sansha versions was excepted from this inflation.

The same happened to several other items in the past. Skins are also prone to this kind of inflation.

As a consequence you must accept receiving some regularly sucker punches if you are interested in collecting and trading Apperel-Items or Skins.

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But…but…but it makes them rare!

That’s the reason I don’t purchase recent those “New” apparel items from New Eden Store.
I still remember they released SoE new apparels in the NES for several hundreds PLEX and then bundled them to IRL currency packs, thus made them few millions worth item in the game.

It’s not likely to happen being made existing apparels soul-bound items though, I guess they can try to introduce some sorts of soul-bound augmentations, hairs or something else like that.

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Seems we’re not getting any new Christmas Apparel this year… :worried:

Maybe get some for New Years?

You could purchase stormchaser suit from pack :joy:
That’s the Christmas gift apparel from CCP as always :rofl:

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Yeah, that’s old… plus I already have the full set of Stormchasers apparel in my collection.

I was hoping CCP would give out some new Christmas apparel in the log-in rewards like how they did in the past…

But those days are gone… seems that any new apparel is now only available either in a game pack or in the NES… and only for a short limited time…

Hey if any of you happen to have Women’s State Commander’s Dress Jacket & Women’s State Commander’s Dress Pants I am interested in buying them.

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Yeah would be nice. I’d definitely like to have both male and female versions of the Dress Commander outfits for all 4 Factions.

Those were special Limited Edition Apparel items given out as prizes for the various CCP forum Faction Day contests…

Yep Those items were given to winners of faction lore propaganda contest and quiz program on twitch live.
Expected up to around 10 or so for each of items so far.
The price will be ranging from 10 to 25 billions for each complete set in my guess.
They are not much extremely rare, however they have exclusive unique graphic models, which is highly featuring major empires, thus, they would be one of the most popular limited apparels.

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yeah i know they will be expensive but I don’t mind paying the price for them.

Been a while and was wondering if any new Apparel items are coming up?

Hey DMC, as far I know, there are neither further new apparels nor upcoming stuffs so far since the last update.

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Thanks for the reply, hopefully the events this year give out some cool new apparel items for free…

And yes, I know it’s highly doubtful but we can still hope for it, right? :wink:

No idea but I at least hope them to implement more individually unique apparels this year like they did two years ago.


Just wanted to share this with you, I finally got - Women’s ‘Hephaestus’ Pants (green) - to complete my ‘Hephaestus’ Apparel collection, not very happy with the 6 bill isk price but had to jump on it since I’ve been looking quite a long time for that item.

So yeah, I now have all of the male and female ‘Hephaestus’ Apparel items, that’s tops, bottoms and footwear for each color = Blue, Cyan, Desert (camo), Grey/Orange, Green, Red/White. That’s 36 ‘Hephaestus’ apparel items total, 18 male and 18 female.

My collection now has a total of 750 different male/female apparel items.

By the way, I checked on those ‘Proven Bioadaptive Masks’, only 1 available for male characters and the price is 21.5 bill isk… damn, talk about sky high pricing…

Seems you were right, I should have jumped on getting the male and female versions back when we first discussed them, could have got both for 17 bill isk total.

Oh well, just a couple more items on my ‘To Get’ list…

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And now that you made this public they will never sell it for less than 50 bil. :smiling_imp: :upside_down_face:

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Congratulation on the completion of the Hephaestus set. Finally it’s time for ccp to flood the market with the green version, like they did it with the red/white version some months earlier. Maybe they will first choose the desert set, so you can enjoy your bling green version some time longer. :wink:

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Hey DMC, sorry for the late response. I’m recently busy irl a little bit but still checking new apparels occasionally so you can trust this thread still :rofl:

Congratulations for your completion of the Hephaestus collection :slight_smile:
To be honest I’m a little bit surprised it took so long for you despite you are one of the best apparel collector in the New Eden :stuck_out_tongue:
I believe of course you have all the empire Stargate crew series set too ? :thinking:

Exactly those masks are pretty expensive right now … it can’t be helped. No one can predict their prices unless you’re Hilmar.
That’s why I usually acquire almost all those seemingly exclusive apparels at the beginning of their release. That’s a sort of insurance.
I have done such behavior so many times and half of them are in success. But the rest of them brought horrifying consequences. But that’s all hindsight anyway.

There is a proverb we all the dudes in this thread need to remember in our language: “Whenever you want it, that’s the time to buy.”

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No problem for the late reply and I understand, real life always takes precedence…

Anyway, good to know you plan to keep this thread updated. Seems the latest release from CCP is the Men’s ‘Marshal’ and Women’s ‘Gunner’ Angel Cartel Jackets available in the ANGELIC DOMINATION PACK on their website.

They’re not new items, for a long time they were available in the NES and probably still are.

Thanks, I appreciate it. As for the ‘Hephaestus’ apparel, the complete series was released a long time ago. Only some of those color sets were constantly available in the Nes and various game packs, some of the other sets, such as the ‘Green’ Hephaestus items, very rarely became available. So yeah, it took quite a while to complete that series… and a lot of ISK… :expressionless:

And yes, I have all of the male and female ‘Stargate Crew’ apparel series - tops, bottoms and footwear - for all 4 main Factions. Due to constantly looking to complete my collection of ‘Hephaestus’ items, I got the ‘Stargate’ series as soon as they became available. So do you have the complete series too?

Yup, lesson learned, definitely don’t put off till tomorrow what you can do today… :slightly_smiling_face:

Send me a list of outfits you need, I’ll see if i have any of the items, i do have a lot and never really look at price

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