[ARC] Open Letter to Case Red Gamma Taskforce

To address this open letter:

As per my last GalNet bulletin, AEGIS has been directed to assume command responsibility for investigation and response to related emergent threats, in particular those covered by Case Green Magic and Case Red Gamma.

As Provost Marshal of AEGIS, I am open to the possibility of working with capsuleers in an effort to secure the safety and prosperity of the New Eden cluster under the mandate I have been given.

At this time, my priority is to consult and co-ordinate with relevant authorities in the core empires and associated states. However, it is the policy of AEGIS to encourage all forms of intelligence gathering and analysis by lawful means.

As AEGIS policy is developed under our extended mandate, we will make further announcements and any invitations for co-operative action as appear useful and necessary.

Colonel Kasiha Valkanir,
Provost Marshal,