[ARC] Open Letter to Case Red Gamma Taskforce

(Gosakumori Noh) #13

The Triglavians are “embarking for the star for all mankind.” They seem to be aiming a bit higher than Drifters or the likes of us.

(Aiden Vayle) #14

A welcome reminder… though we’re still uncertain what that means.

(Teinyhr) #15

Are you sure? Because all I hear is “Suish-shosh-shish-shoosh”?

(Gosakumori Noh) #16

The process is described over in the Semiosis thread. Feel free to read up and give it a whack yourself, peanut.

(Teinyhr) #17

I’ll leave opening potentially murderous puzzle box’s for others, avocado.

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(Gosakumori Noh) #18

Splendid, buttercup! Yes, I’m sure.

(Colonel Kasiha Valkanir) #19

To address this open letter:

As per my last GalNet bulletin, AEGIS has been directed to assume command responsibility for investigation and response to related emergent threats, in particular those covered by Case Green Magic and Case Red Gamma.

As Provost Marshal of AEGIS, I am open to the possibility of working with capsuleers in an effort to secure the safety and prosperity of the New Eden cluster under the mandate I have been given.

At this time, my priority is to consult and co-ordinate with relevant authorities in the core empires and associated states. However, it is the policy of AEGIS to encourage all forms of intelligence gathering and analysis by lawful means.

As AEGIS policy is developed under our extended mandate, we will make further announcements and any invitations for co-operative action as appear useful and necessary.

Colonel Kasiha Valkanir,
Provost Marshal,

New Eden Heute - Weltnachrichten
[ARC] Semiosis
(Aria Jenneth) #20

Oh, this is encouraging: a high-ranking CONCORD officer who doesn’t seem to loathe us too much to work with us constructively!

(Makoto Priano) #21

Provost Marshal Valkanir;

In the first place, thank you for your timely response. I think I can safely speak for many of us when I say we’re looking forward to a more productive, cooperative relationship on these matters.

I do have several questions, if I may.

In the first, does this mean that the CRG task force is now under your command, or is your task primarily to manage coordination between organizations and capsuleer forces?

In the second place, should we hope for future intelligence releases from CONCORD when appropriate, as opposed to the prior black out approach?

In the third place, do you have recommendations or requests for research, survey, or exploration work relating to these threat cases?

More questions may come, unfortunately. As you can imagine, there’s quite a bit of stir lately.

In service,
Makoto Priano

(Colonel Kasiha Valkanir) #22

To clarify, in short, those points:

  1. The Case Red Gamma taskforce is now within my command authority, though continues to exist as a distinct unit and retains its internal command structure.

  2. You may hope for intelligence releases but I can make no undertaking at this time. I don’t rule it out should intelligence sharing with the public prove useful and appropriate.

  3. No specific recommendations at this time. I can only suggest capsuleers continue to respond as they see fit.

To put it simply, my approach is to maintain CONCORD’s overall operational security but there is no requirement, as I see it, to place obstacles in the way of independent agencies operating within the law.

Kind regards,

Colonel Kasiha Valkanir
Provost Marshal,

(Aiden Vayle) #23

Hmm… not sure how I feel about this, so far. With all due respect to the Colonel, so far this is just a statement of intent, and optimistic though I am, i’m jaded enough by now to say that I think we’ll all be watching the follow-through… intently.

(Aria Jenneth) #24

Will it be possible for you to share some of the details on the Cases you’ve mentioned, ma’am? Like-- what scenarios they actually describe?

Being told the names without any details but a couple tantalizing hints is frustrating and, at the same time, gets the imagination going. There are some kind of unstable elements among us, and certain capsuleers are dangerously suggestible, so, ah …

May I respectfully suggest either telling us what you’re talking about or keeping code names and so on under wraps so you don’t inspire stuff like somebody diving Gamma filaments in a Raata Sunset SKIN ship with their crew robed in red and covered in red body paint in hopes that there’s some significant clue in the code name?

Because someone might. And silliness like what I just described is way more harmless than stuff that’s already happened because somebody started speculating?

(Arrendis) #25

Colonel Valkanir;

At this time, does CONCORD have any information regarding the Xordahz-class World Ark vessel(s) beyond that which capsuleers have acquired and discussed at some length? If so, this information might be extremely helpful in narrowing not only the Xordahz-class’s intended purpose, but also the potential deployment zone for such vessels.

More critically, that information could help focus the research and analysis group’s efforts and help ensure that crucial elements are not missed or overlooked in a rush to piece together more obviously-notable items. This, in turn, would allow the analysis group’s findings to be more reliable and beneficial to CONCORD.

As with everyone else here, I’m hopeful that we can establish a more productive relationship than that fomented by Captain Drust.


Arrendis Culome
Director, Doctrine Design Group,

(Mizhir) #26

Things are certainly taking an interesting turn, however I still remain sceptical with CONCORD’s involvement. Transparency and cooperation is vital but these are not words I would use about CONCORD.

Still. I would like to thank ARC for their work and I hope that I will be proven wrong about CONCORD’s involvement in this situation. This seems to be something bigger than what we have ever faced.

(Naava Edios) #27

I was going to try and be witty and compare CONCORD to a glass of red wine and something about transparency but it’s easier to just nod and say thank you ARC and Makoto for all the work they have done.
Now enjoy a glass of wine… or three.

(Tanagura Amoii) #28

Esteemed Colonel,

A few years ago, an Amarrian Holder by the name of Taphos hired a tutor named Dagan. Taphos granted Dagan access to Amarrian imperial archives. Dagan used this access to uncover information on “pre Jovian weapons.” After leaving the employ of Holder Taphos, Dagan became involved in an outbreak of rogue drone activity which spread across both Federation and State territory. Curiously, the trail of this tutor begins in Manarq and moves to Tar, which are both CONCORD administered systems.

However, in light of recent revelations that the Triglavians may consider the rogue drones both a civilization-level threat and opportunity, perhaps the time has come for CONCORD to politely request that member state Amarr identify the records Holder Taphos provided to Dagan. The Triglavians have concluded that the drones represent an “opportunity/threat paradox.” These records would allow our own civilization a chance of better responding to the threat; and, may also allow us to benefit from the opportunity.

(Taloris Aldercain) #29

I personally don’t think it is that vague.

We have an idea of what is implied with “cladistic mortification” thanks to datastream AFN3 - " The mortification of augmented foreign narodnya vessels proceeded as the following-time material realization."

We’re also the only group between the Drifters and Nation remnants that cladistic proving has been invoked upon. For Drifters the Triglavian ships “entered the cladeflow without proving”, engaging in “anti-cladistic mortification” with the goal of extirpation (Datastreams AEA1 to AEA3).

For the Nation remnants they were met with extirpation similar to the Drifters, but without the same sense of urgency.

If Drifters were the target they wouldn’t bother with cladistic proving. Their adaptation seems to be directly related to their study of us than actions of the Drifters. Plus Dogoda did state they were looking forward to our proving, which might have been more literal than we thought at the time as Zorya Triglav later addressed the citizens of New Eden.

I think it’s well within reason to have precautions ready just in case.

(Nauplius) #30

Colonel —

Please state the number, type, and spatial arrangement of Triglavian Trinary Datastreams needed to create Emergent Threat Case Red Gamma Incidents of Class A, B, and AB.

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(Karmilla Strife) #31

You have to eat enough of them to create the Emergent Threat.

(Mahazkei Vas'Hiigara) #32

Provost Marshal Valkanir;

My questions are not many, but I hope that the answers will help us better understand the nature of the current situation, and AEGIS’s involvement in Case Red Gamma.

First, am I correct in assuming that

“the Case Red Gamma taskforce is now within my command authority, though continues to exist as a distinct unit and retains its internal command structure”

means Captain Oveg Drust has retained his position, but is now under your command authority?

Second, what is the status of the Triglavian crew from the captured Vedmak-class cruiser?

I understand if my questions cannot be answered in full, as your intent is to provide co-operation as an option when useful and necessary, not clarify or respond to all our requests and demands for information when it is neither helpful or productive. Information must be screened before it can be released, I imagine.

But if you can say anything on the matter, I and a few others would greatly appreciate it.

Sakabkei Kiijata