[ARC] Triglavian Foreign Affairs

Dear ladies and gentlemen, many may not believe me, but we were able to extract a main sequence from the trinary data stream of the Triglivians. It seems that this is indeed a translation error. It seems to be a binary, non-trinary coding, which has its origin in exactly 8 characters. We managed to decode 7 out of 8, but we fail because of the variety of possibilities the 8 keyword seems to give. Is there nobody who could help us with the translation ?


The Center for Artificial Intelligence and Techo-Archaeology has been working on trinary data sets for some time. Perhaps we could assist in your binary translation?

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This sounds awfully familiar @Prospektor_Schipplock - might you be speaking of something to do with the Trinary Data Vaults that were recovered from Drifter fleets emerging from the Abyss near stargates way back? I’m willing to assist in any new efforts (and I’m mighty nostalgic for the things we worked on before the Abyss was unveiled), so if there’s anything you can share, please feel free to do so.

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I could assist as well, if you need it. I have experience in their language as well as a stockpile of triglavian artifacts of my own

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I could take a look at your data as well. Send it to me and you will not be disappointed. :wink:
As a hacker this secret data sequence really intrigues me.

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this is just a small explanation of that combinatory…

And to be honest, that translation currently “decoded” are … well wrong… or not completly understood.

The interesting Point is, we can decode it up to 7 - what we called “Statics”… but with Number 8, our computer crashed in several ways. To much combination possiblities. Its also look like a compression algorithm.


Does this imply that the current transcription of the Triglav script is incomplete? I’m interested to see your work to get these, but I must admit I have yet to see any of those characters you show in any texts or messages - the “2” and “5” in particular are the Veles and Perun marks, and not a part of their script themselves.

image image


I’m not sure If I understand this right. If not, please correct me.

If you have received regular Binary Data, 8 binary numbers represend 2^8 = 256 different combinations.
If you have not 2, but 8 different Characters (Keywords), you are looking at a numbersystem with base 8. That means that you need 3 sequences of 8 binary numbers to construct 1 complete base 8 “Keyword”
simplyfied: [[ 2^8-8^x=0 || x=8/3
8 / (8/3) =3 ]]

This means, that compared to our binary system you can send 3 times more data with the same amount of characters in a base8 system.
It means that the decoding you are running probably cannot approximate the information density correctly…

My opinion is, that we need the full sequence you received. As much information as possible to solve it. A confidentiality agreement will of course be provided.

My thoughts on this… If I interpreted this stuff correctly it means that we are facing a mystery. We use a binary system, because we transfer our information with electromagnetic waves… If triglavians can communicate on a base 8 system, it means they are using some technology we don’t even barely understand, because what is the medium this information could be transmitted in?
Even the quantuum entangled FTL communication we all use nowadays works on binary “logistic maps”, because there is no way the quantum entanglement can produce more than 2 different outcomes. Even if it is in a superposition state, the wavefunction will collapse in one of two ways, not 8.
( https://fiction.eveonline.com/new-eden/scientific-articles/faster-than-light-communication )

maybe you misunderstood me…

As i said, this information has to be secret. because it shows, the logic behind that all.


For example the Sequence (SEQUENCE IS MIRRORED) - this is a combination of 2 Signs of That Assembly of “triangles”.

The Circle itself looks like a “non breaking space”.

So if you combine it together, and give each different “Combination” you can store any amount of data in a single sign.

And the sign itself defines the “Decoding” of the Datastream itself.

We currently try to decode the combinations here. to get the exact data amount which is needed to translate the data correctly.

So for example 10011110 is not resolvable with the 3 first Symbols. Its needed - for better explaining, where the “anomaly” of the data is, (right or left of the middle of that stream). Is it Mirrored ? - Is it Different, - When its different, what is needed, to get the Logic behind that “Data NON-Sequence Equality” - and how the symbol will look like if it is defined. Then arrange that 8 “Static” symbol as ONE. And you got a whole book, a whole encyklopaedy - or the Whole internet porn in 1 SIGN (assembled by that 8 statics).

Thats the whole magic.


looks awful… but describes the process whe have to handle … maybe it is showing up the amount of computing data we occur here, to get this decode complete /or encode, depends on what we want to see.

We got the statics, like Mirrored, right, Left, unregular, repeating, inversed, iterated, and well, point 8, which blows up all logic on our supercomputers… Which is currently not decodeable…

An overun EDENCOM structure in Amarr space, YC122-05-07

Fellow Capsuleers

With the sudden revelation of the New Eden Common Defense Initiative (EDENCOM) we see the result of a CONCORD reform process, aiming at a closer combined effort between empire and interstellar administrative and military bodies to counter the Triglavian threat. This is, of course, of major interest for everything related to Triglavian foreign affairs. While we see combined defense efforts, will we also see a mutual diplomatic policy towards the Triglavians - should they ever decide to refrain from the path of violence they favor so far? Or, to put it another way, would EDENCOM even be entitled to engage in any negotiation?

In the light of these events we want to introduce two thoughts.

Firstly, since we see amplified cross-empire cooperation under CONCORD control, can and should we reflect those efforts within the capsuleer community? That is, is there a way to increase the degree of cooperation between our corporate bodies in order to defend and strike against the Triglavian threat more efficiently?

Secondly, I want to address honorable Provost Marshal Kasiha Valkanir (@Colonel_Kasiha_Valkanir) at this point. ARC has identified a risk group of 73 solar systems which are very likely to attract the Convocation of Triglav’s major attention. We respectfully suggest that the risk group should be reflected in any future defense measures - if not already considered. This call also goes to all capsuleer forces who are engaged in the protection of certain parts of our known space which might be at high risk of further escalations. ARC advises to deploy preemptive defense fleets and schedule regular and tight patrol operations. If you are interested in a combined effort please make contact via secure channels.

Among the risk group of 73 solar systems, the following were picked as the most endangered ones:

Solar System Region Faction
Chibi Aridia Amarr Empire
Agal Genesis Amarr Empire
Manatirid Genesis Amarr Empire
Angymonne Everyshore Gallente Federation
Hodrold Metropolis Minmatar Republic
Mitsolen The Forge Caldari State
Anbald Metropolis Minmatar Republic
Ahynada The Citadel Caldari State
Scolluzer Verge Vendor Gallente Federation
Shemah Kador Amarr Empire
Frarn Heimatar Minmatar Republic
Kakki The Citadel Caldari State
Fovihi Derelik Ammatar Mandate
Elgoi Metropolis Minmatar Republic
Kihtaled Khanid Khanid Kingdom
Kehour Domain Amarr Empire


Haria Haritimado


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