Arhont Sibirskii for CSM 18

Good afternoon, I’m a mid-scale pilot and don’t know where to find content other than how to fly Pochven.

My name is Arhont Sibirskii. I am a CSM18 candidate.
I would like to start by telling you a little about myself. I have been playing EVE online for over 10 years. During this time I managed to visit almost everywhere and tried almost everything.

I am CEO of Can i bring my Drake… We are mid-scale alliance living in the angel regions.

We are not in the power block. At the moment we live in the south and have an aggressive PVP policy in the angel regions.

I am an active streamer and almost all streaming activity is dedicated to EVE online. I am also an EVE Partner. Link to my channel: Youtube

It so happened that EVE online became for me not just a game, but a part of my life. I’m 32 and I gave a third of my life to this project. And witnessed good and bad innovations. I was elated when there was a change in faction wars, though I think the changes were a bit too cautious.

I was pleasantly surprised when the CCP added a new type of PvE content for 5 man highsec. Homefront Operation. This is what the high sector lacked. Group content for small groups. I was overjoyed when the developers added the ability to rob reserve banks in nullsec. And that was our group content. Content for a small group of 5-10 people where it was possible to generate PVP content out of the blue.

Key + filament + friends and the next hour you will forget about sadness. And if your opponent was not there, you received a small consolation prize in the form of bonds for money. In lowsec we fought for the keys and in nullsec we fought for the Bank. But time has passed. And the banks were empty. A whole group of regions has almost nothing in the reserve bank. No one fights for the keys anymore because they have ceased to have any value.

I want to convey the idea that now there is simply no content in nullsec for mid size alliance. Nullsec has again turned into pens for ishtars and those who want to dig already cheap stones. The southern agreement that was put forward by the empire panfam and winterco (yes, I follow the politics in eve) although it has an effect, small alliances simply don’t see much point in being in nulls. A group of 20-30 active pilots simply has nothing to do there but slowly earn money and get tired. Yes, and earning ISK is more about Pochven / lowsec / wormhole. Nullsecs lack active mechanics with the need to move around the region.

And I will press on changing this aspect of the game. I want to introduce unique mechanics for midle groups in which it would be almost pointless to use large fleets. Small and midle squads of pilots who want a bit of drive and action could entertain themselves and earn some ISK in the process.

For example, the introduction of some complexes that appear at a maximum of 1 complex per region with a huge respawn time. And when they appear, they send a message about the appearance to the region. This point of interest should provoke pvp active and pve active players to run to the spawn location of this complex. The complex itself should be moderately complex and, most importantly, which would have the effect of a warp suppressor. In other words, if the player tries to leave the complex before it is completely completed, he will die. This is one example. There are many of these examples. But that’s not the point. The main thing remains the fact that nullsecs require new unique content. The content that will push the players foreheads and give a decent reward if successful. In fact, this will not affect huge alliances and small groups will be motivated to explore this vast and still empty null space.


Make nullsek great again


My voice for Arhont! Great CEO, good pilot and awesome streamer. Good luck!


Arhont one of the most successful FC of the New Eden


где русская версия?


  1. What has CCP got correct?
  2. What has CCP got incorrect?
  3. What do you wish existed in-game that doesn’t?
  4. What exists in-game that you wish didn’t?
  5. What exists in-game that you think ought to continue to exist?
  6. What doesn’t exist in-game that you hope never comes into existence?
  7. How would you improve PI?
  8. How would you improve the entire corporation UI?

With some reservation, I Support you.

Will you also oppose RMT and Gambling operations being run off TOR and other means, Arhont?

Arhont Sibirskii’s streams are interesting and informative.
I recommend in CMS 18.

Homefronts are terrible group content. 5 man multiboxers are the ONLY thing farming them. It’s nice isk for highsec (too nice, as the nerfs have shown) but things were better without them. You don’t have to transport your rewards, or produce things, or anything…you just get a ton of isk…and a group of 5 separate people cannot play as efficiently as a multiboxer. And it’s high sec so it’s very difficult to do anything to or against these people.

Статические абисы в нулях… хм, больше крабства богу крабства )
Это что вся предвыборная программа ?

What has CCP got correct?
The general trend of the game. I like the rebalance of ships and their construction. Yes, this rebalance stirred up the general masses of players and some of those people who were involved in production could not adapt. But against this background, other layers of players began to rise. Gas producers, scanners, and people who are in intermediate production such as those who are in the planetary industry.

What has CCP got wrong?
There are many bad decisions. Alas. I’m not happy enough with the change in faction wars. CCP made the necessary and correct rebalancing of fv. But in my opinion, not hard enough. NPCs are completely stupid. They do not throw any electronics and do nothing to keep the player. WEB Scramblers disruptors. This gives rise to the feeling that catching targets is almost useless. As well as flying in factional wars for the purpose of PVP. Group points for 5 people is a complete failure. I expected to see group points that would NEED to be closed exactly in the group. And there is an ordinary enemy from a single complex. This is weird. Why not make NPCs at least at group points stronger? There is a great example of a Battlefield for 30+ people. More intelligent NPCs are already sitting there. They are much more interesting. Group points now spawn just LP farmers. Which sit on t1 frigates and destroyers and press 1 button.

What do you wish existed in-game that doesn’t?
Capital route planning systems. I know that there is dotlan. And there you can calculate everything. But every time you minimize the game window to open third-party resources. Lost magic dive. =)

What exists in-game that you wish didn’t?
This is probably more related to the second question. But I will continue here. Newly introduced lance dreadnoughts should stop working in lowsec sectors. The mechanics are not just dishonest, they generate too much drama. Doomsday weapons that work in area should not work in lowsec - that was the golden rule. Lowsec was exactly this place where the titans and their weapons did not pose a threat to inexperienced or poor players. I remember those stories of how the goonsworm titans destroyed entire fleets that flew over their territory. For zeros, this is acceptable. Bubbles, bazon, lance. But in lowsec it seems to be broken. In fact, lance dreadnoughts, instead of changing capital battles, change the desire to play for beginners and the poor who have just entered lowsec.

What exists in-game that you think ought to continue to exist?
Unique systems like Turnnur, Tera, and all drifter wormholes. They greatly increase the dynamics of flights. without them, the game would be boring.

What doesn’t exist in-game that you hope never comes into existence?
PVP or PVE rating systems. As soon as this appears, I think Eva can no longer be saved. We already have one resource zkillbord which makes some pilots afraid to “spoil their reputation”. If the system is introduced, I’m afraid it will be another reason to shy away from risky fights.

How would you improve PI?
Don’t mess with what works. =) Since I’m a planetarian a lot, I sometimes think that templates for planets would come in handy. But I’m afraid it wouldn’t solve anything.

How would you improve the entire corporation UI?
Too few analytical tools. There is no option for alliance control over corporations. (Who puts up a citadel, and you have the whole alliance gets the opportunity to participate in official wars, and you can’t even find out who it was). In general, corporate and alliance instruments are extremely weak. I can’t even make a selection based on alliance pilots.

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Why does every nullsec player want to change so much in lowsec when they don’t even live there.
Lowsec is not supposed to be a safe space. Want a safe space? Stay in highec.

Your entire response to what should not exist in the game revolves completely around lowsec and how you hate this and that. A lot of players don’t want to live in nullsec because of everything else it comes with. Sov and politics are something people like myself are happy not dealing with. As far lancers, your average player in lowsec is not going to encounter a lancer dread.

Changing Lancers in general seems stranger. Ships are very weak, the author didnt use them, as well as in general doesnt use the caps actively and for some reason it is necessary to change the already weak Lancers, as there is some mythical injustice. What?
I don’t get the “I represent a community of 00” stories at all, I’ll be changing low sec space now. Same goes for FW, a lot of people like the way they work now and there are large communities in FW that can probably know what they need, but not those who live in the 00.

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How has this happened?

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Wow, I didn’t know you, but you are really my kind of player. It’s clear that you’re focused on the in-game content. I’m looking forward to reading your replies to my questions. Just about to read them now. Did you have to translate them, or do you speak English? I feel like you speak a little English but I could be wrong.

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DUDE, you think very similarly to me.

Many players answered this question, reasonably so, by speaking to the wider broader approach CCP takes to the game, clearly your focus is on content. Content, content, content. You are dedicated to it.

Please explain to me, what are group points? Are you speaking about Homeward sites?

Yeah they need to integrate these third party systems, it’s just getting ridiculous how many features EXIST around the game that are MISSING in the game.

Agreed, Each security sector has its point of difference, that encourages players at different levels of advancement to play differently. Security levels are a kind of content all on their own and this decision violates that arrangement.

Do you not consider z-killboard to be apart of the game?


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This is not about their own LanceDreads, but about the Lance Weapon itself. Why not allow titanbazon in low sec then?

p.s. no need to include bason titans in lowsec, this was just an example.

I lived most of the game in lowsec. I know what it’s about. But in my company, I did not include lowsec changes. It was an answer to an additional question. Now I’m more focused on nullsecs. Regarding the lance Dreadnought, I just pointed out that the mechanics are completely out of the general lowsec canon.

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