As new player, it was the worst experience into a game i ever had

Lol, some Carebears used to have nice encounters with Trigs as they were roaming around, THAT was fun! And did you ever try to calm down a player who lost an Orca to diamond rats because of his own aggressive drones?

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Good to see you did come back OP (Dennora | Character | zKillboard) and toned down from the Skybreakers to ships more fitting to learn progressively.

It’s never been easier to jump into ships and content above the level of experience of the player, but the game rewards lower level play for new players, beyond LP and ISK. Progressively learning how to handle the content can never be replaced by spending $.

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Yes it does.

PVP and PVE don’t really benefit without each other. PVE generates the resources and inputs for manufacture that generate the ships, fittings and ammunition to PVP with. PVP provides demand that keeps prices reasonable enough to make PVE valuable.

If you separate them, then PVE still has to occur on the PVP server (so we are straight back to the current state) so that losses can be replaced; and unless everything is ok to drop to a 1 ISK price on the PVE server, there needs to be PVP to provide demand for product.


a stunning example of how eve is not pay to win, and jumping to conclusions with 0 knowledge can go so very wrong.

I have so many questions, but seems OP has quit so guess it’s not even worth asking.


I’m less than a month player so your review of this game as a new player interests me a lot. You make some good points but where you fail is at understanding what this game ( and the dev company ) is all about.
Let’s take all that one point at a time ( will try anyway ) With respect. Not criticizing or anything.

The career agents obviously aren’t there to understand the game. I had to look up on the Net A LOT to even understand what was going on in the specific missions I was given. The wall of texts explaining the mission barely do the job of informing you on what you’re up against. The enemy isn’t very defined, its intentions and reasons are only alluded to and the reason as to WHY you should take up the mission is completely missing besides “go there, kill them because they’re bad for our operations”. Why? Where? Who? Dunno!
Career agents are just there to give some experience and help in choosing what you like to do in EVE. Period.

The music is mostly annoying and the good tracks become annoying due to the repetition. Variety is low and I turned off the combat music because it’s awful.

I agree. The travel time is excruciatingly boring and repetitive. Especially when one has to cross EACH AND EVERY system to get to the next gate. But I bet the gankers love it.
What I try to do is do some activities as I travel. For example, I check my route and decide what ship I’ll use. I may do a bit of mining for an hour or less if I happen to cross an empty system. Or I do some ratting for an hour or less, or I make note of why one system may have 200 players in it while the next has 15 players. I make note of which corporation is in a particular system and what stations they operate in this system and why… My point is: why hurry through the route when it gives me the opportunity to learn?

I think one time per 24h is okay. Otherwise, it would mess with intel and the PvP side of it.

Travel time is part of the playtime. Make the best of it. Why rush?

I agree with the first part. The knowledge to play this game properly is “hidden” and scatered a bit everywhere, online, in the info cards, in the lore, in the missions, in chat… Yet, I am able to make sense of most things when I go to or evewiki… LOTS of reading and it’s definitely not meant to understand the game, just the mechanics.
Although the Help channel is useful and a bit of patience is definitely a plus with this game.

I haven’t started the SoE missions. I figure it better to familiarize myself with all the things I have questions about before going into a space adventure while missing crucial information. I will do the SoE when I’m, like, lvl 3 in missions or even lvl 4.

It is kind of complicated, yes. It would take more coding and dev time to customize mission information to the player’s level and what he’s flying at the time mission is read or accepted. Imagine you jump into 3 different ships right after you accept the mission ( as the time given to finish said mission is ludicrously high ) the game has to keep track of what you’re flying and the equipped modules. That’s much work when all it takes to find out is a simple question on Help Chat.

Yes, they’re kidding you, lol. I think that’s a joke. At least for lower tier ships, no need of insurance. I think I may insure if the ship cost me 500mil and up but otherwise NO. I don’t have the isk to spare for just-in-case. It’s not wise but playing broke sucks, especially when you’re new and you need to buy modules and ammo.
Insurance is a joke in EVE.

I try to fly as cheap a ship as I can. Destroyers are perfect for Alpha and they can be replaced in a reasonable amount of time. Anything over destroyer and you’re asking for trouble, grind, frustration and rage-quit.

I don’t look at missions for the rewards, they are too low compared to the risks. I look at missions for experiance and trying to understand and find out what works best vs what is a waste of time and isk.
If you’re killed in the process you have two choices: buy PLEX into isk or grind in a corvette. I think it helps with cooling off my jets, being careful, thinking out of the box, learning some more, trying things out… instead of jumping headlong into trouble I would not understand the outcome of.

I think buying isl from a third party is not allowed. And it’s a good thing you thought twice about it. 10 billion isk is a lot, you would’ve spent it on things you don’t understand and wasted it on other things you don’t need and go ganked into oblivion.
I’d rather take my time and humbly chug along than spend real-life money only to lose it to other players. I want to be part of those other players, not be their victim.

It’s a rough game, rough time playing. It beats you into submission and forces you to slow down and think.

Those 30000 hours would be part of your playtime. Who says you have to get back into a ship within a day? Those missions and rats and belts aren’t going anywhere, they’ll be there until the servers close. No hurry. There’s always something to do and learn in EVE, even in a corvette.

I would play during those 70 days. Hell, you paid for them and who knows, you may find something worth playing for, you may find a group of chaps who would help you understand the game, may loan you ships or let you use their BPOs or let you fleet with them. Why pass up on some fun when you already paid for it?

The understanding comes as you play. I’m not the sharpest tool in the shed but I’m having fun in New Eden and learning more every day. I think your frustration gets in the way of your reason as far as this game is concerned.

1.0 through 0.5 is the space that you’re describing. The PvP is an INTEGRAL part of this game. New Eden is dangerous… EVERYWHERE. Might as well get used to it the first day and understand how to avoid trouble instead of going at it with training wheels.

I’m sorry, again, my IQ isn’t even in the triple digits and I can understand this game fine. It is complex, yes, and the info needs to be chased and dug out but it isn’t beyond most people’s comprehention. I’m not kidding, I’m not intelligent at all. I’m smart, yes, but that’s as far as my IQ goes.

At market.
There is a search bar up on the left side. Type “Blueprint” and there you go.

The playing and the understanding go hand-in-hand and are supposed to be done at same time during your playthrough: Play some, stop, think, search, understand, play some, stop, think, search, understand, wash, rinse, repeat.

Sounds like you gave it your best efforts. I understand it’s a bit ridiculous for a GAME but it is what it is. That’s why I never pay before I play and never download a paid game unless I know I’m going to have fun with it. Thanks to YouTube we’re able to review the games and make informed consumer decisions.
Luckily, EVE is free to play so there was no downside to installing it.

It’s not about the stuff you buy and lose, it’s about the things you do and the stuff you learn between the buying and the losing.
Right now I’m ready to fly cruisers. Am I going to buy a cruiser and fly it all around? NO. Even though I have the isk and the training, I’m not ready. I don’t know enough about the game, about the NPCs, about ammo, about tanking, about shields, about ganking, hell, if I don’t feel comfortable flying a cruiser it simply means I’m not ready for it and I don’t feel comfortable, not while I still have a shitton to learn on destroyer.
No hurry. I learn at my pace I play at my pace. I’m in lowsec now. I need to read more, learn more and feel more comfortable with the ships I have now before I think about jumping headlong into Piracy or FW or anything like that.

Might be, but it’s not what you and I know about this game that makes it wrong. Just read what the vets are saying about it. I understand only 40% of what they’re talking about but there seems to be a fundamental problem with it. I hope the devs will fix whatever is wrong with EVE Online because I like playing this game.


sorry, I have to.

Can I have your stuff?


I think EVE is a 3rd job since the 2nd job is learning ■■■■ about EVE:))

I am a beta player and gave up on it. Young people will be happy wasting their days, years because they have them, once you get to a certain age you want to relax a little. EVE is anything but relaxing. Maybe if they had a PVE only server it would allow new players the chance to play and learn the game before giving them 1 time only, the ability to transfer their PVE character to the main PVP server.

Then you should know that EvE is what you make it and has so many things to do in it that you could do “relaxing” things in it if that’s what you want. I mean…what, Project Discovery, PI, station trading and the like are too intense for you? As you wish.
How long did you play EvE?

Welcome to Eve!

Darwinism at its finest :slight_smile:

By no means EVE needs RMTers who want insta-win and can’t handle a single loss. You have made some big, yet undestandable mistakes. Everyone fails several times. It is the way you learn this game.

Obviously EVE is not for you. And you are not for us since you recognized you RMT’ed.

Funniest part was “pleeeease warn me when I enter a mission if my ship sucks”

LOLOLOLOL. What about using your brain? In fact the game has been dumbed down way too many times these years. I wonder what would you think about the original EVE Online, now that was truly harsh game.

// quote
So to be simple, you have a very beautiful game, the mechanics are old but strong. The customization is awesome.
// end quote

I am glad you said it. The core of the game is great.

Most of everything you commented about is related to the politics. The game can easily be altered to take out everything you find frustrating. But the issue is the player base that controls the game is very very old and entrenched. They live in their own world. Do not comment on the politics which is even more introspective and isolationist, it might seem toxic to new players. Social contract and good faith do exist but in a different form from the real world, its almost unrecognizable. The game is tooled to group think related to exploitative conquest, stay out of discords for most corps. I have seen good friends just change completely after hanging out with Null sec corps. A real world change in mentality. I am sure I will get flamed for saying this. I could have used even harsher words. That being said there is good ones out there but there is no way to know or tell the difference between the good and the bad. You only find out after wasting weeks or months playing with the wrong people.

For a good idea how the game is tooled you may wish to read the Art of War. Apparently a lot of real world corporations think this is the best way to run the world.

If you think jumping in Eve Online is effort, go explore in Elite Dangerous to the far regions of the galaxy.