Ask Doctor V!

Doctor V,

How do you win back the affections of a girl after you’ve been foiled in your attempt at the genocidal extermination of all life upon her people’s homeworld?


Pretty sure the answer to that is “No”. Synthia says you were both at a different planet when you did that kind of thing. So not Anath.

Err, generally speaking, you don’t. It seems pretty clear that she’s not interested, so you should let her go. There’s some phrase about if you love someone let them go, if they love you they’ll return, if they don’t, then they won’t.

So, let her go, and cease trying to impress her by making planets explode.


Dear Doctor V

Please help me decide what to give my Pilot for his very first Birthday in Eve as his Birthday will be on the 21st May.

Thanks in advance =)

I’d recommend a shiny ship and a fancy hat. Hats ate always good gifts, as they say, “if you want to get ahead, get a hat”.


Thank you very much Doctor V on that excellent advice.

I had got him a Rattlesnake and a new skin called King’s Ransom (Luecin)
With the Hat though, sort of don’t like any fancy hats so sticking with the shaved head look for now.

question removed


Dear Doctor V …

… what are these accounts about, people sometimes speak of? They claim to have several characters and I’m wondering if I’m missing out on something interesting.

Am I living under a rock and there’s some new cool game on GalNet?


Dear Doctor V
My two younger brothers have been on my mind as I am concerned about their future progress in New Eden. It would make me very happy for both of them to become full time students at the School of Applied Knowledge.

My question though is please, would it be better if I just sent one or both at the same time and how would be the best way to decide on who to send. Keeping them separated has worked well in the past as they are always fighting.

I strongly feel that they could put all that negative energy to better use like learning technical and engineering skills.

We are a family of Ice harvesting miners and it’s about time both Jimmy and Jason begin their training.

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I think it’s an online dating thing. Not quite sure myself what some people are on about.

Well, if they are both undergoing training at the same time, they could in theory support each other during training. But, as you say, if they don’t always get along then sending one first, and then the other could be a better idea. Though this could end up deepening the rift between the two, if one is seen to be favoured over the other.

So, on balance, it might be better to send them both at the same time, as long as they meet the relevant requirements for the SAK, and with a bit of luck, their competitiveness would cause them to try and out-do each other, rather than actual fighting with each other.

Maybe they just need something to remind them of the importance of family.


Dear Doctor V,

How would one go about setting their affairs in order in a way that will assuredly please everyone, even those in the peanut gallery?

The peanut gallery are never pleased. If you offered them the moon on a stick, they’d complain that it wasn’t the right colour of stick. Disregard them, and only seek to please the people you care about.

How can I punish the Intaki people for their crimes against the Khanid Kingdom and Sa-Baron Kufail?

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Dear Doctor V,

In the event of my untimely death, will you post a thread here so that my ghost can be an even bigger attention whore than I was in life?


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Dear Doctor V

If or when a pod is inserted into the belly of a particular vessel does this pod go in head or tail first?

A major part of Intaki culture, is their tradition of Three-Colour Painting.
So, breaking into art galleries, and adding a fourth colour to historical Intaki masterpiece paintings, would disrupt their culture and cause far more punishment than violence would.

Sure !

I think most go in tail first, so that in the event of vessel destruction, the pod can be catapulted out head-first, and ready to set course to escape.


Since Nation is a terrible concept to believe in, would it be more appropriate to believe in a deified version of the Goonswarm Shipyards? I heard worshiping arms dealers is the latest hit trend.

Sure. If you’re into idolatry, worshipping some inanimate objects makes more sense than signing up to a cult dedicated to an arms dealer with a god complex.

Your soul will just have to join a different queue to be Judged. Idolaters go to counter E, followers of a false prophet to counter F. You know ? Just like the Dam-Torsad post office.

Dear Doctor V,

Is, in your opinion,

Aga-Count Chakaid of Kahah III,
Sa-Baron of Ves-Sefris, Zirsem V,
Paladin Deacon, Orders Militant of the Theology Council,
Plenipotentiary Representative of His Majesty Farokh Khanid III

an actual, genuine Butte, a Well-Crafted Bait, or Both?

I’d say there’s a strong possibility that he’s both. That King Khanids II and III saw how much of a butte he was, and how he could be used to promote Kingdom policies, by trolling for fire. I’m sure there are legions of Kingdom analysts observing who reacts to Chakaid’s butteness and how they react, and using that data to refine their sociological models of Imperial Loyalist thought, to inform Kingdom psychopolitical strategy in future.

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